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Squad App Launches New Co-Watching Experience to Socialize and Stay Connected During Coronavirus

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Squad, the fastest growing Gen Z app for socializing even when apart, is launching a desktop version specifically designed for creating shared experiences and co-watching long-form content like TV shows and movies. Squad’s no-installation-necessary desktop feature will provide a more immersive, hands-free way to replicate the feeling of sitting next to friends, family, or loved ones and hanging out IRL.

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Despite all the social tech built and scaled with the intention to connect people, global statistics show higher levels of loneliness than ever before. Squad is creating a solution to this issue through a social platform that helps people interact in meaningful ways. Together in Squad, people can watch Snapchat Stories, respond to DMs/messages, do homework, shop, plan a vacation, look at or edit photos, watch videos, listen to music, play games, explore dating apps, and more.

“Squad’s mission is to use technology to build deeper connections and more empathy between people,” says Squad Co-founder and CEO Esther Crawford. “Social media can feel isolating and performance based when we are constantly liking, commenting, and scrolling by ourselves. With Squad, I wanted to create a way for people to explore social media, dating apps, and other fun content and not feel so alone. The launch of the desktop version comes at a time when it is more important than ever to feel connected and share moments with your loved ones when we can’t physically be together due to social distancing.”

Squad’s desktop version brings the same functionality of the app to the web, and allows users to put down their phone for a more comfortable theater experience. Designed to create the effect of sitting in the same room, users can watch content one-on-one or host a viewing party with up to eight friends to co-watch premium streamable networks – including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO – all while being able to see, hear, and chat with one another.

Squad’s free desktop platform is available on Chrome and removes all barriers of registration, downloads, installations, and plugins, making co-viewing more accessible than ever before.


Launched in 2019, Squad is a co-watching app and desktop platform dedicated to increasing human connection and reducing loneliness through shared experiences. With Squad, users can collectively watch long-form content like Netflix movies and TV shows, browse TikTok and YouTube, join public chat rooms, respond to texts and DMs, plan vacations, shop favorite brands, explore dating apps, and much more. The Squad App, available for iOS and Android and the desktop platform is available on Google Chrome. For more information please visit