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Soil Connect Collaborates with SeedInvest, Allowing Members to Invest in an Industry-Leading Digital Marketplace for Soil and Aggregates

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Soil Connect today announced that it is collaborating with startup fundraising platform SeedInvest on an investment offering. The opportunity to invest in Soil connect, the platform modernizing and streamlining how the industry trades, transports and transacts soil and aggregates, will start with a private sale to Soil Connect’s network before opening up to the public. The public offering will open on March 18, 2022 and those interested in investing can do so by visiting

“Soil Connect was built to serve the construction ecosystem, and we want to give our early adopters an opportunity to participate in the possible upside that comes with investing in a high-growth tech startup,” said Cliff Fetner, Founder and CEO of Soil Connect. “In carving out a piece of our funding round for this purpose, we’re able to reward our loyal user base for the role they’ve played in our growth thus far, as well as create greater alignment of interests that will help to inform our continued evolution. This is a platform created by construction people for construction people, and it’s only right that our users get access to a piece of the pie.”

Founded by a lifelong builder and developer, Cliff Fetner, and Alpaca VC General Partner, Daniel Fetner, Soil Connect is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for construction professionals that combines technology and social networking capabilities to serve as an end-to-end, full-stack solution for all things dirt and aggregate-related. The platform enables their users to transact at shorter distances between job sites, leading to quicker processing times and reducing carbon output. It also allows users to save on expenses associated with transportation, such as administrator sourcing, chain-of-custody tracking, truck rental, ticketing, drivers and fuel. Soil Connect’s platform today consists of three products, including its award-winning marketplace, patent-pending eRegulatorySM, and eTickets. Each product creates a digital and cohesive user experience allowing for seamless transactions, tracking, and sharing data.

Soil Connect investors already include leading names in the construction industry such as, Suffolk Construction, CEMEX Ventures, EquipmentShare, ARCO Murray, and former Chairman and CEO of US Concrete, Bill Sandbrook, as well as institutional VCs Heartland Ventures, Romulus Capital, TIA Ventures, Great Oaks Ventures Capital, Blue Collar Capital Partners and AB Investment Group. Soil Connect funding will enhance the product and service offering and fuel the expansion of its user base, helping the company further deliver on its value proposition to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for construction professionals to transport and acquire soil and aggregates.

SeedInvest is a Circle-owned leading startup fundraising platform that provides investors with access to highly-vetted startup investment opportunities. Historically, SeedInvest has accepted just 1% of startups that apply. The platform has helped over 250 founders seamlessly raise capital for innovative startups through their communities and networks online.

Christopher George, a seasoned Venture Investor at SeedInvest with former real estate private equity experience at Tishman Speyer, led the deal. “Soil Connect has a deep understanding of its customer’s needs and offers an innovative, tech driven solution for streamlining soil and aggregate market transactions. This investment opportunity presents an exciting chance for SeedInvest and the construction community to participate in a high quality investment round,” he said.

“Soil Connect is a great example of a high-growth startup utilizing online fundraising to invite its customers to invest alongside venture capital firms,” said Ryan Feit, CEO and Co-Founder of SeedInvest. “We’ve found that startups that turn their customers into investors benefit from an army of loyal brand ambassadors going forward, in addition to capital.”

For more information on the Soil Connect digital marketplace, visit To participate in the Soil Connect crowdfunding offering powered by SeedInvest, click here.

About Soil Connect

Soil Connect is the first and only institutionally backed digital marketplace focused on the multi-billion-dollar soil and aggregates industry. The marketplace was created to solve the high costs and inefficiencies associated with the transport and management of soil, aggregates and other materials. Founded by third-generation builder and developer Cliff Fetner, the app connects those who have soil and aggregates with those who need it. The marketplace offers a seamless and streamlined solution for excavators, contractors, developers, landscapers and other building professionals to network and transact with one another while saving time and money and positively impacting the environment. For more information, please visit

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SeedInvest is a leading startup fundraising platform that provides investors access to highly-vetted investment opportunities and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Circle Internet Financial, LLC. SeedInvest’s platform empowers a rapidly growing network of 650,000 investors as of February 2022 to access investments in private startups while making the online fundraising process simpler for founders. Committed to providing opportunities to access the financial system, SeedInvest was instrumental in the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, making it possible for startups to raise funds from retail investors online. Since then, over 250 innovative startups have successfully raised capital on the platform. To learn more about SeedInvest, visit

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