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SocialClimb Announces New Boost Features to Enhance Its Reputation Marketing System

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the top physician reputation builder, announces the release of their new
SocialClimb Boost feature set (patent pending) to provide targeted
patient acquisition to medical practices seeking growth and expansion.

Adding to SocialClimb’s proven ability to build online physician
reputations that increase local search visibility, their new SocialClimb
Boost features now combine machine learning and automation to enable
targeted patient acquisition. Leveraging real-time practice data, local
demographics and physician reputations, SocialClimb Boost intelligently
powers practice growth.

The SocialClimb Boost system makes it easy and affordable for any
practice to find and attract their most preferred patients. Practices
can now increase patient volume and adapt patient flow to fit real-time
needs, filling their practice schedules exactly as desired.

Medical practices utilizing the SocialClimb Boost features take
advantage of three key functions:

  • Reputation ads – SocialClimb Boost evaluates existing patient data to
    understand where patients come from, which cases are high-value and
    where more of these patients reside. The system then places targeted
    reputation ads that leverage the reputation a physician has built,
    reaching high-value patients at their decision-making moment.
  • Intelligent ad spending – SocialClimb Boost continually monitors
    physician schedules, appointments and surgery volume, then turns
    reputation ads on and off to meet practice goals.
  • Marketing report card – SocialClimb Boost provides ROI reporting for
    each physician’s SocialClimb spend. The tracking and attribution
    service identifies each patient attracted to the practice via
    reputation ads or organic reputation building, for clear ROI reporting.

“SocialClimb Boost has significantly increased our surgeons’ visibility
in the Las Vegas area and ultimately attracted more patients to our
practice,” said Michael Pendleton, CEO of Desert Orthopaedic Center. “We
intend to use Boost to promote all our surgeons. We especially love
SocialClimb’s reports for return-on-investment visibility.”

“SocialClimb has been helping thousands of physicians build and leverage
their online reputations to find new patients for years,” said Ty Allen,
SocialClmb CEO. “With SocialClimb Boost, we deliver an even more
powerful set of features that practices are using to grow. Our mission
is to enable practices with little to no marketing experience or skills
to compete and win in their local markets.”

SocialClimb Boost is available to existing customers on May 20, 2019,
and available to new customers on June 10, 2019. Contact SocialClimb
today to learn more.

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SocialClimb helps physicians manage their reputations, dominate local
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