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Snow Software Extends Its Lead in Cloud Discovery and Optimization, Provides Advanced Capabilities for Adobe

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, the global leader in technology intelligence
solutions, today unveiled expanded support for software as a service
(SaaS) applications, including first-to-market spend optimization
capabilities for Adobe Creative Cloud. The new and enhanced features
extend IT’s ability to discover, inventory, normalize, optimize and
secure technology across the entire enterprise.

“We’ve seen incredible traction with our Snow for SaaS product that was
released late last year,” said Vishal Rao, President & CEO at Snow. “Our
new release is another important step in delivering on our vision of
complete visibility and manageability of hardware, software and cloud
services across the enterprise, reinforcing our clear leadership
position within the market.”

Snow now supports over 18,000 SaaS applications. Unlike many software
asset management tools that rely on single sign-on and accounts payable
scanning to track SaaS spend, Snow provides true usage discovery
regardless of where or how the application was procured. As global SaaS
spend continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and employees
increasingly procure their own cloud-based software, IT can quickly lose
control of their environment and their budget without this level of
accuracy and integrity.

“While businesses today understand it is imperative to move to the
cloud, doing so with limited visibility has led to cloud shock, putting
the promise of digital transformation at risk,” said Peter Björkman,
Chief Technology Officer at Snow. “With this release, Snow enables
companies to discover and optimize more SaaS applications than ever
before. We have built unique cloud intelligence into our platform,
making us the only solution that uncovers all types of SaaS usage, from
free to trial to paid, and adds new applications daily through our
crowd-sourced recognition service.”

The release also provides advanced features for several of the most
common business applications, most notable Adobe Creative Cloud. Used by
over 90% of the world’s creative professionals, it accounts for over $6
billion in annual reoccurring revenue and has become one of the largest
SaaS expenditures in the enterprise. Snow is the only vendor to provide
detailed insight and spend optimization across the entire Adobe Creative
Cloud suite. Breakthrough features include:

  • Identification of unused managed accounts that can be reassigned
  • Optimization of All Apps licenses that can be reduced to Single Apps
    licenses based on component-level usage
  • Discovery of unmanaged accounts that could benefit from
    enterprise-wide pricing and may pose compliance risk

By combining breadth and depth of coverage with industry-leading
usability, Snow provides the most accurate and actionable view of the
SaaS landscape, maximizing value while minimizing risk. For more insight
into Snow’s cloud offerings, download our free guide to cutting
Adobe Creative Cloud costs
and sign up for our webinar on gaining
visibility into your technology ecosystem
on May 29.

About Snow Software

Snow Software is the global leader in technology intelligence solutions,
ensuring the trillions spent on all forms of technology is optimized to
drive maximum value. More than 4,000 organizations around the world rely
on Snow’s platform to provide complete visibility, optimize usage and
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