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SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A. and Myant Inc. Strike Strategic Partnership to Strengthen World’s First True Textile Computing™ Supply Chain

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SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A., a global designer and manufacturer
of advanced OEM electronic components, and Toronto-based Myant Inc., the
world leader in the design and development of Textile Computing™
solutions, are pleased to announce a partnership to catalyze the
development of new electronic components and mechanical interfaces for
application in the emerging field of Textile Computing™.

“Our strategic partnership with Myant is a natural next step for SMK,”
said Paul Evans, President of SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A., “as we
apply our world-leading, advanced connector capabilities to the
exploding Textile Computing™ market space. Together we can develop
innovative solutions for application in health care, fitness, AR/VR,
automotive, aerospace and more.”

“Our partnership with SMK Electronics leverages the technologies and
intellectual properties of both companies to develop, manufacture and
scale electronic components for Textile Computing applications™,” said
Tony Chahine, CEO and Founder of Myant. “This will greatly accelerate
our development of the SKIIN™ Textile Computing™ Platform–a
textile-based platform designed to sustain seamless human-computer

“Myant’s mission is to connect humans to others and to the world around
us, by providing access to 24-hour connectivity, through the different
stages of life,” continued Mr. Chahine, “The possibilities are endless,
with applications in health & wellness, automotive, aerospace,
performance apparel and more. SMK joins the Mayo Clinic, Proteus Digital
Health, the Zoll Medical Group, and others to provide advanced
components for Myant’s SKIIN™ Textile Computing™ platform.”

About SKIIN™ Textile Computing™

Connecting the human operating system to other systems in the
environment through wearable, washable, ‘smart’ textile products,
Myant’s SKIIN™ Textile Computing™ platform is the equivalent of a DSL
cable for the human body: tracking and enhancing human activity 24/7
across all life stages. Now in development, SKIIN™ products will include
textile-based sensors and actuators for:

  1. Heart Health (electrocardiogram, heart rate, heart rate variability)
  2. Exercise/Activity (steps, calories, activity and posture recognition)
  3. Sleep (sleep stages, hours slept), and stress (level and
  4. Blood Pressure Monitoring (cuffless)
  5. Chemical Sensing
  6. Ovulation Tracking
  7. Slip & Fall Detection
  8. Driver Fatigue
  9. Oxymetry (blood oxygen levels)
  10. Breathing Rate
  11. Temperature Sensing
  12. Heat Delivery
  13. EMS Delivery
  14. Haptic Feed-back

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About Myant Inc.

Founded in 2010, Toronto-based Myant
. is creating the world’s first Textile Computing™ platform that
ambiently connects humans to the world around them through textile-based
solutions. With an extensive patent portfolio, a talented,
multidisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers (biomechanical,
mechanical & electrical), technical programmers, fashion designers and
knitting machine technicians, and over 80,000 square feet of advanced
manufacturing capacity, Myant is turning everyday textiles into
bidirectional interfaces for human-computer interaction. Learn more at

About SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A.

Electronics Corporation U.S.A.
is the U.S. division of SMK
Corporation, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture
of OEM remote controls and electronic components. With local Research &
Development and Manufacturing facilities, in coordination with SMK’s R&D
and Manufacturing Centers worldwide, SMK Electronics is uniquely
positioned to provide the U.S. Automobile industry with technologically
advanced, cost-effective vision, touch interface and high-speed
connectivity solutions. Learn more at