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SmartyStreets’ US Address Verification – Enhanced Matching Adds 15 Million US Addresses and Better Match Rates

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SmartyStreets, a leader in location data intelligence, announces the release of the new US Address Verification – Enhanced Matching Engine. Enhanced matching successfully verifies the messiest of addresses and includes 15 million additional valid addresses not found in the USPS address database.

The new enhanced matching engine successfully validates and corrects more ill-formatted addresses than ever before. Corrections include greater varieties of misspellings, redundant text, incomplete addresses and sloppy data. Recently, 2 million low quality addresses were processed using the new engine. It found over half a million matches that previously failed when processed by more conventional address verification engines.

“Addresses that are too messy for other address verification software must be corrected manually,” explained Jonathan Oliver, Founder of SmartyStreets. “Depending on the size of your databases, a match improvement like what we’ve seen with our new enhanced matching engine may lead to saving thousands of man-hours.”

Messy addresses are also prone to result in false positive matches. False positives are what happens when addresses that shouldn’t match, get matched anyway. Increasing match rates without increasing false positives is a major challenge.

“False-positives are dangerous to organizations because they’re bad data in your system; bad data that is disguised as good data. And, bad data costs you money,” Oliver continued. “We managed to increase our match rates while keeping our false positive rate as low as ever. Users get more matches without increased risk of bad data.”

By combining SmartyStreets enhanced matching capabilities with 15 million additional addresses that aren’t included in the postal address database, match rates improve even more. Users get newly available address metadata points on these non-postal addresses that lead to improved spatial analysis and data quality.

US Address Verification – Enhanced Matching also comes with the extremely high processing speeds SmartyStreets is known for. Speeds up to 580,000 records per second mean that SmartyStreets can validate all 175 million US delivery points in about five minutes. SmartyStreets also features enterprise plans that are even faster. The engine is well-documented and available through an API, CLI and a suite of web based tools.

To try SmartyStreets US Address Verification – Enhanced Matching, visit the demo. As with all SmartyStreets products, US Address Verification comes with SmartyStreets’ unlimited customer service, 100% uptime guarantee and easy implementation.

About SmartyStreets

SmartyStreets is headquartered in Provo, Utah and provides enterprise-grade address validation, standardization, and geocoding services in 240+ countries and territories. SmartyStreets processes billions of addresses every month. The company does this through easy-to-use website tools, and fully-documented APIs.

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