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SmartMetric Reports That Over 8.2 Billion Payments Chip Cards Have Been Distributed as of December 2018

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SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) as of December 2018 according to figures
released by the chip card industry standards body, EMV Co, more that 8.2
Billion chip cards have been issued globally for use in the card
payments industry.

The United States was one of the last regions in the World to adopt the
chip on the card technology but in less than four years it has now
surpassed adoption rates of Asia Pacific and given the current adoption
trajectory will approach the European adoption rates in the near future.

Outside of Asia Pacific the United States will surpass Latin America and
Europe in the total numbers of chip cards issued and in use for payments.

Worldwide EMV Chip Card Deployment


(in Millions)


Africa & The Middle East 272 87.80%
Asia Pacific 5,001 51%
Canada, Latin America & the Caribbean 848 86.90%
Europe Zone 1 956 85.50%
Europe Zone 2 301 80.40%
United States 842 60.70%



Given the extraordinary size of the chip card payments market it is
little surprise, that according to a recent industry research report it
is projected that more than 570 million of these chip cards used for
credit and debit transactions will use fingerprint biometrics as an
added security feature over the next 4 years.

SmartMetric has created a fingerprint scanner that fits inside a credit
and debit card and is used to provide biometric protection for these

“The rise of biometrics in the credit and debit card industry is
happening at the same time that we have advanced the in-the-card
biometric technology to the point that our self-powered fingerprint
scanner technology fits into a standard credit card industry conforming
size allowing the us to be able to provide card issuing banks around the
world with our state of the art advanced biometric credit and debit card
solution for today’s chip cards,” said SmartMetric’s President and CEO,
Chaya Hendrick.

Good Intelligence in a research report on Biometrics said “Biometrics
payment cards not only offer improved security by removing the PIN but
also allow frictionless payments for higher value transactions (for
debit cards). Good Intelligence believes that there is a significant
market opportunity for biometric payment cards and forecasts that by
2023 there will be almost 579 million biometric payment cards in use
around the world.

SmartMetric is moving forward with the offering of its biometric credit
card solution to card issuing banks globally. It is now manufacturing
the card with an Advantis EMV Chip and the Advantis operating system.
Advantis chip and operating system on credit and debit cards is being
used by more than 100 Banks worldwide and has been issued on more than
1.3 Billion credit/debit cards to date.

To view the SmartMetric Biometric Card please follow this link – Video
of the SmartMetric Biometric Card
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