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Slingshot Aerospace Awarded $6M Contract by Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center for Next-Generation Space Situational Awareness and Enterprise Space Battle Management

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Aerospace, Inc
., an advanced analytics company, announced a $6
million contract award with the Air Force Space and Missile Systems
Center (SMC) to rapidly prototype and deploy machine learning
capabilities to augment a wide variety of Enterprise Space Battle
Management mission needs. Slingshot’s innovative multi-domain toolset,
known as Orbital Atlas™, will enable warfighters to pivot from
traditional Space Situational Awareness focusing on space catalog
maintenance toward a more tactical, predictive, and evidence-driven

SMC’s Space Superiority Systems Directorate exercised the 2019 contract
option and expanded the value over a two-year period of performance.

SMC is eager to tap into the innovations of artificial intelligence and
cloud computing, and is employing a variety of contracting methods to
leverage commercial automation capabilities to augment conventional
space mission areas. The accelerated timeframe in which this contract
was awarded validates the applicability of Slingshot’s commercial
versioning of Orbital Atlas™, demonstrating benefits for industry and
government organizations.

Orbital Atlas™ is a predictive modeling engine that applies machine
learning to massive amounts of space observation data and other
contextual data streams to characterize patterns and predict events
enabling warfighters, analysts, and senior decision makers to make
better mission-critical decisions at the speed of relevance.


Slingshot Aerospace, Inc. (“Slingshot”) is an advanced analytics company
that employs artificial intelligence to draw insights from a synthesis
of satellite, aerial, drone and other contextual data streams for
defense, disaster response, and commercial applications. Slingshot’s
user-centered geospatial and space domain software, in addition to their
edge products, close the gap between data analysis and critical decision
making. Founded in 2016 in El Segundo, CA and in Austin, TX, Slingshot
aims to significantly improve the value of the data customers consume,
allowing them to gain competitive advantage, reduce risk and lower
costs. Visit,
and follow Slingshot Aerospace at @sling_shot_aero,
and LinkedIn.