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Slice Labs Launches Slice Mind

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Labs Inc.
, the insurance engine leading tomorrow’s cloud-based,
on-demand digital services ecosystems, today announced Slice Mind, a new
business unit of Slice, powered by an insight engine to help companies
with personalization, experimentation, simulations, predictions, risk
modeling, and product recommendations. Slice Mind combines AI, machine
learning and behavioral psychology into an engine that transforms data
insights into actions in order to deliver real business value and
advantage for companies looking to future-proof themselves.

A May 2018 Celent report, Digitizing
the Customer Experience: A New Framework
, mentions the
importance of effective use of data. Data is more readily available than
ever and can be used to drive a personalized relationship with
customers. However, coordinating data across multiple channels,
combining internal and external data to deliver a personalized
transaction and continually engaging with the customer in meaningful
ways require digital capabilities.

Slice Mind provides companies with actionable recommendations that will
help protect and grow their business through simulations, predictions,
experiments, nudging and personalization. Available to both Slice
Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) users and the general public, Slice Mind
will enable companies and their customers be better protected against
risk due to its ability to predict potential claims, among other

Tim Attia, Slice co-founder and CEO, said, “A big part of Slice ICS is
the data analytics, scoring and machine learning that drives our
underwriting and claims. The feedback we’ve received from customers
tells us there is an increasing need for carriers to effectively use
data to predict risk. We want to allow carriers to focus on developing
new and innovative products, so we’re launching Slice Mind to help them
make smart decisions and solve the industry’s seemingly impossible
problems based on the data insights and predictive analytics the tools

Max H. Bazerman, the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business
Administration at the Harvard Business School and the co-founder and
inaugural co-chair of the Behavioral Insights Group at Harvard
University said, “Technology and data without an understanding of the
mind will only take us so far. The combination is powerful. Slice Mind
is ready to meet that challenge.”

Companies in any industry seeking recommendations for on-demand
insurance products can securely input their own data into Slice Mind’s
insight engine and receive recommendations for new products that can be
built into its native cloud service provider, or Slice’s Insurance Cloud
Services (ICS) platform. Learn more at

About Slice Labs:

Slice Labs Inc. is the insurance engine leading tomorrow’s cloud-based,
on-demand digital services ecosystems for the new economy. Through the
Slice’s Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform, Slice is enabling
insurers, technology companies, and other service providers to build
truly intelligent and intuitive pay-as-you-go digital insurance products
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