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Sixgill partners with Anomali to enhance results in leading threat intelligence platform

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a leading cybersecurity vendor that analyzes the Deep and Dark Web to
detect and defuse cyberattacks, is announcing today its partnership with Anomali,
the leading provider of threat management and collaboration solutions.
By integrating Sixgill into the Anomali Preferred Partner Store (APP
store), cyber intelligence analysts can trial and purchase six Sixgill
threat intelligence feeds to gain better insights on vulnerabilities.

Sixgill feeds will be added to the Anomali APP Store and will cover
several sectors including”: finance, ICS SCADA, telecom, healthcare,
gambling, and law enforcement. The feeds will provide access to
Sixgill’s broad coverage and collection of assets that may find their
way onto Deep, Dark and surface web sources, including IP addresses,
domain names, executive names and more. Organizations will also be able
to sign up for Sixgill’s automated, actionable alerts.

“We are very excited to partner with Anomali, one of the premier players
in the thread intelligence market,” said Sharon Wagner, Sixgill’s CEO.
“We view this as a strategic step for Sixgill which will enable us to
expand our reach by offering unique Deep and Dark Web threat
intelligence feeds in critical sectors via one of the most popular
suites of thread intelligence solutions available. While we will start
with six stores on the Anomali APP Store, we look forward to continuing
to expand our offering and deepening our cooperation with Anomali.”

Powered by machine learning, Anomali arms security teams with highly
optimized thread intelligence so that they can detect threats and
respond effectively. The Anomali APP Store enables users to find the
right intelligence needed for their organization, industry, geography,
threat type, and more.

“Our mission is to help organizations collect, understand and
operationalize the most relevant threat intelligence to know their
adversaries and how to contain threats,” said Dan Barahona, Chief
Marketing Officer at Anomali. “We built the APP Store to integrate high
value intelligence and thread context from our partners. We are pleased
to partner with Sixgill and give our clients visibility into critical
Deep and Dark Web threats.”

Sixgill’s staff is comprised of former officials from Israel’s elite
intelligence units. It offers SaaS solutions to governments,
intelligence organizations, telecom companies, and top global financial

About Sixgill

Sixgill’s cyber threat intelligence solution focuses on organizations’
intelligence needs, helping them mitigate risks more effectively and
more efficiently. Using an agile collection methodology, Sixgill
provides broad coverage of exclusive-access Deep and Dark Web sources,
as well as relevant surface web sources. By harnessing the exponential
power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sixgill automates
the cyber intelligence production cycle. A market leader in Deep and
Dark Web cyber threat intelligence, Sixgill helps Fortune 500 companies,
financial institutions, governments, and law enforcement agencies
address a wide range of cybersecurity challenges. To learn more, visit
and follow us on Twitter: @cybersixgill
and LinkedIn.

About Anomali

Anomali delivers critical threat intelligence capabilities, allowing
organizations to detect, investigate and respond to serious external
threats. The company’s unmatched customer base spans all major verticals
and includes partnerships with many ISACs and threat exchanges. Anomali
integrates with internal infrastructure to identify new attacks, or
search forensically over the past year to discover existing breaches,
and enables security teams to quickly understand and contain threats.
Anomali also offers STAXX, a free tool to collect and share threat
intelligence, and provides a free, out of the box intelligence feed,
Anomali Limo. To learn more, visit and
follow us on Twitter: @anomali
and LinkedIn.