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simPRO Launches Integration with Zapier to Streamline Workflows and Automate Tasks for Field Service Businesses

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simPRO, a leading field service management software company, has announced an integration with Zapier, a web-based automation tool, to allow simPRO users to easily connect with thousands of apps in the Zapier system.

Now, simPRO users can connect web applications with their simPRO build in just a few clicks. The simPRO Zapier integration will save time and reduce errors as triggers allow users to automate the process of passing information between applications.

Field service businesses will be able to automate common processes between simPRO and connected applications. For example, users can keep CRM and email marketing databases such as Hubspot or Salesforce in sync with simPRO Customer Records. Additionally, users can add job details from simPRO to project management tools like Asana or Trello.

In addition to sharing information between apps, users can create triggers to automate certain actions such as creating a new customer record in simPRO when a website inquiry form is submitted.

“The new integration with Zapier aligns with simPRO’s mission to automate manual processes and streamline workflows for field service businesses,” says Jonathan Eastgate, Chief Technology Officer. “Connecting our software with Zapier is just one of the many ways we are innovating so that our customers can work smarter and not harder.”

The Zapier integration eliminates the need for manual data re-entry which will decrease the risk of data entry errors. Now, data alignment is automated between simPRO and other core business applications. Further, this integration provides a more affordable solution to creating custom integrations between multiple applications.

For additional information regarding how to get started with the Zapier integration, visit the simPRO & Zapier integrations page.

About simPRO

simPRO is a leading provider of business management cloud solutions for the trade and specialty contracting industry. Whether you’re a professional in security, plumbing, electrical, data networking, solar, fire or HVAC, simPRO eliminates the hassle of field service management, reduces paperwork, refines office processes, streamlines field operations, increases profit, maximizes your workforce, and enables more business growth.

Since its founding in 2002, simPRO has evolved, innovated, and grown. In 2016, simPRO secured $31million USD in growth capital as part of an aggressive product innovation and expansion strategy. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with regional headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand, simPRO provides global leadership for trade and specialty contractors with more than 4,800 clients and 120,000 active users worldwide.