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Silvur Launches First-of-its-Kind Membership for the Modern Retiree in a Post-Pension World

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Silvur, the first and only super app dedicated to helping Baby Boomers reach their retirement goals, today announced the introduction of a first-of-its-kind Financial Wellness Membership. The Membership provides those aged 50+ with sophisticated planning tools and education to achieve peak financial wellness leading up to and in retirement.

Americans ages 50+ represent the wealthiest and most influential segment of the U.S. population, but their retirement is more complex than ever. As this age demographic is expected to live 10 years longer than the prior generation, Baby Boomers face a longer retirement period than their parents, and are the first to navigate a post-pension world. Many find themselves ill-equipped to face retirement and, despite their generational wealth, this age group is more afraid of running out of money in retirement than they are of dying.

“We are excited to launch the Silvur Membership. A new solution has been a long time coming. The incumbent brand leaders in the retirement space support the 1980s retirement dream, not the 21st- century dream. They fail to capture the dynamism and excitement of the next generation of soon-to-be retirees, and really help these individuals prepare for and succeed in modern retirement. The Silvur Membership changes this. It provides a holistic view of a baby boomer’s financial health, bringing together their cost of living, assets, benefits and individual factors in one place, offering a pulse of where they stand financially,” said Rhian Horgan, founder and CEO of Silvur.

The Membership provides enhanced access to Silvur’s “Retirement Score,” the first tool that calculates the financial health and wellness of people 50+. The technology leverages over 3,000 data points and shares tips on how to make their money last longer, and what actions to take to secure more than $61K worth of additional tax savings across the rest of their lifetime. To date, Silvur has generated over 3M personalized Retirement Scores.

Through Silvur’s extensive user research, the company found that a user’s most worrisome, unmet need in retirement planning was a way to understand the cost of living in various places around the country. A report conducted by the Center for Retirement Research shows about 47% of retirees move post-retirement. And, the average annual retirement costs for couples can vary drastically in different states.

Understanding this, Silvur, created a “Cost of Living Calculator” to show members how their Retirement Score changes based on where a customer chooses to live. It factors in elements like taxes, healthcare costs, living expenses and more. For example, if a member were to move from New York to Florida they would learn it would add approximately seven years to the life of their savings. This increase is driven by Florida’s decrease in taxes and living expenses, and balanced against expected higher health care costs in Florida. Silvur’s calculator can make these projections between any two locations in all 50 states.

Other membership features include:

  • Enhanced Social Security calculators that shows Members how to maximize their Social Security benefits, and how much longer that will make their money last
  • Healthcare cost calculators that help Members understand their unique healthcare costs and the effect of those costs on the longevity of their retirement savings
  • Silvur Retirement Store, a digital storefront offering discounts from leading retailers and new digital service providers to help Members save more money to achieve their financial goals

Quickly following the launch of the app, Silvur will be unveiling the Retirement School, which will provide a retirement education program dedicated to demystifying ‘government speak’ and helping our Members’ ensure they are receiving their benefits in full.

Silvur’s membership starts at $7.00 per month for an annual membership (billed annually), with semi-annual and one month memberships available.

Silvur is currently available for download on iOS in the Apple App Store. Learn more about Silvur at


Silvur is the first and only super app dedicated to helping those ages 50+ reach their retirement goals. Silvur’s all-in-one app provides a modern, simple way to help people understand retirement finances and work towards post-retirement goals, while most importantly helping them make the smartest decisions to use and extend their hard earned savings. With a suite of interactive tools, money-saving advice, and timely education, Silvur offers personalized projections based on current income, spending, assets, and account balances. The App Silvur was built by our parent company Kindur, recently recognized on the 2020 Forbes Fintech 50 list. For additional information, please visit