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Silicon Mobility Opens Subsidiary in Japan

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Silicon Mobility, the technology player powering control solutions for a cleaner, safer and smarter mobility, announced today the opening of a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan. This subsidiary will provide system integration expertise and support for local customers.

“Japan is one of our lead markets. Our customers need dedicated local expertise to accelerate their system development based on OLEA technology,” says Bruno Paucard, president and CEO of Silicon Mobility. “The new subsidiary will leverage the resources we have already committed with our local distributor to the Japan’s automotive industry”.

Japan’s automotive strategy aims to reduce 80% of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles produced by domestic automakers – including exported vehicles – to be achieved by 2050 with a combination of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), BEVs, PHEVs and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Silicon Mobility is changing the game of electrification by providing an automotive semiconductor control solution which extends by 30% the range of electric vehicle, divides by two the cost of electronics and shortens by 10% the battery charging time. Silicon Mobility offers a complete end to end solution which includes semiconductors and applications for the control of the key elements of the electrified powertrain.

About Silicon Mobility:

Silicon Mobility is a technology leader with a for cleaner, safer and smarter mobility. The company designs, develops and sells flexible, real-time, safe and open semiconductor solutions for the automotive industry used to increase energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions while keeping passengers safe.

Silicon Mobility’s products control electric motors, battery, and energy management systems of hybrid and electric vehicles. By using Silicon Mobility’s technologies, manufacturers improve the efficiency, reduce the size, weight, and cost of electric motors and increase the battery range and durability. Its technologies and products accelerate the car’s powertrain electrification and the deployment of driverless vehicles for OEMs. Silicon Mobility is headquartered in Sophia-Antipolis, France, with a global presence in Germany, Silicon Valley, CA., China, and Japan.

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