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Seoul Semiconductor Continues Enforcement against Infringement of Its LED Driver Patents

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Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
(KOSDAQ 046890) (“Seoul”), a leading global
innovator of LED products and technology, announced that it has filed
another patent infringement lawsuit for infringement of its LED driver
patents, this time against SATCO Products, Inc. (“SATCO”).

In its complaint, Seoul asserts that SATCO is selling various LED
lighting products that infringe “eleven” (11) of Seoul’s patents
covering LED driver technology, including U.S. Patent 7,081,722, U.S.
Patent 9,807,828; U.S. Patent 8,513,899; and U.S. Patent 8,716,946.

The asserted LED driver patents are widely used in replacement bulbs in
the form of incandescent or fluorescent lamps, wall-mount lights, and
ceiling lights. The patented technology covers products with a linear
driver for directly operating LEDs under household voltage, a step
operation driver for generating flicker-free lights, as well as a
dimmable driver for realizing smart lighting.

Seoul has successfully enforced its LED driver patents in several prior
litigations spanning the different parts of the market, including big
box retailer, LED lighting maker, and application maker segments of the

Seoul’s Acrich NanoDriver Series devices, made with this patented
technology, was named as a winner in the Sapphire Award category “ICs &
Electronic Components for Solid State Lighting.” By virtue of its
continuous technology innovations, Seoul owns over 250 patents
concerning LED driver technology around the world.

Acrich driver technology applies to an estimated 70% of residential
light bulbs throughout the global lighting market, and Seoul estimates
that Acrich’s applications will continue to expand.

“Seoul has invested an approximately 10 percent of its sales revenue
each year to innovate technology. Last year, we invested even more to
ensure that we are at the cutting edge of technology,” said Nam Ki-bum,
Executive Vice President of the Lighting Department at Seoul. “But
unfair competition by copying innovative products must stop. Only then
will others, including young entrepreneurs and small businesses, have a
chance to have their talents recognized in the market.”

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor develops and commercializes LEDs for automotive,
general illumination, specialty lighting, and backlighting markets. As
the second-largest LED manufacturer globally excluding the captive
market, Seoul Semiconductor holds more than 14,000 patents, offers a
wide range of technologies, and mass produces innovative LED products
such as SunLike – delivering the world’s best light quality in a
next-generation LED enabling human-centric lighting optimized for
circadian rhythms; WICOP – a simpler structured package-free LED which
provides market leading color uniformity and cost savings at the fixture
level, providing high lumen density and design flexibility; NanoDriver
Series – the world’s smallest 24W DC LED drivers; Acrich, the world’s
first high-voltage AC-driven LED technology developed in 2005, including
all AC LED-related technologies from chip to module and circuit
fabrication, and nPola, a new LED product based on GaN-substrate
technology that achieves more than ten times the output of conventional
LEDs. UCD constitutes a high color gamut display which delivers more
than 90% NTSC. For more information, please visit