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Security Expert Charles Marino Warns Against Defunding Police Amid Skyrocketing Gun Crime

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Charles Marino, CEO of Sentinel Security Solutions and a nationally recognized security expert, has issued a warning that epidemic gun violence in the United States is endangering the American public and tearing apart communities and the country. In recent news commentary, he has tied the defund the police initiative, to the violence we are seeing in major cities.

Writing in the The Hill, he observed, “statistics show that in several cities supporting the defund movement, there has been an overwhelming increase in violent crime, including crimes involving guns. The facts are clear, there’s either not enough police on the street due to defunding and/or they are no longer allowed to do their jobs the way they have been trained.”

He stated that statistics show the guns used in such crimes are primarily illegally obtained weapons being stolen, sold, and used by criminals to commit violent crimes. “What is needed is an aggressive strategy to get the illegal guns and criminals off the streets and keep them off the streets.”

As a nationally known strategic security advisor, opinion leader, and writer, Charles Marino has deep knowledge of security methodologies, tactics, and technology. In addition to his roles as an executive and thought leader within the security industry, he maintains an active public voice, sharing his thoughtful, security-based expertise and perspective with mass media audiences on television and in print.

As a regular national security and law enforcement analyst for leading television news programs, including FOX News and NEWSMAX, he is frequently called upon to comment on world events from his perspective as a security expert. To these appearances, he brings both a comprehensive understanding of the current state of geopolitics and the breadth and depth of his knowledge of security practices and technologies, consistently delivering a balanced and practical assessment of critical, and often dynamic, current events.

As an Opinion Contributor to The Hill, Charles brings his experience to thoughtful analyses of key national security issues including defunding the police; domestic extremism; international threats; the role of technology in law enforcement and threat mitigation; and other subjects.