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Secured EDDs and EDD Savings Accounts Protect Against Future National Currency Devaluations

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EPIC Monetary Association (“EMA”) and Ronald Tucker announced, “The EPIC Monetary System a cryptocurrency real money system protects against the future devaluation of national currencies by providing SECURITY at two levels: EPIC Digital Dollars and EPIC Savings Accounts.”

Register as an EDD Prospective Member!

By registering as a Prospective Member, before becoming a New Member of the EPIC Monetary Network, you can experience how to protect against the devaluation of national currencies by acquiring secure EPIC Digital Dollars held in secured EPIC Digital Dollar Savings Accounts.

Secured EDD

The value of an EPIC Digital Dollar is secured by the stored value of silver and gold and its value is stable and reliable by being reflected in the average price of an American Eagle Silver Dollar over the last market day of each month of the preceding six months.

Secured EDD Saving Account

The EDDs in the EDD Savings Account are secured in the decentralized EPIC Crypto Banking Software where you have complete control over your EDDs with access by computer, tablet, or cell phone 24/7. The software executes and maintains records of all transactions, provides an account balance, and produces EDD Savings Account statements, a Security Key, and any transfers of an EDD must be approved by the administrator.

Membership in EPIC Monetary Network

To acquire EDDs and to establish an EDD Savings Account you must become a member of the EPIC Monetary Network (EMN) by registering in the EPIC Crypto Banking Software and make a contribution to the EPIC Monetary Association.

Prospective Member

Register as a PROSPECTIVE MEMBER in the interactive, decentralized, and online EPIC Crypto Banking Software Sandbox (“Sandbox”) without a cost or contribution. The Sandbox is a duplicate of the Secure Software and has its full functionality Including the exchange of phantom EDDs for play US Dollars.

When Prospective Members register as a NEW MEMBER they will receive 18 EDDs (this represents one American Eagle Silver Dollar) in addition to more than 300 EDDs included in the contribution to EMA.

About: EPIC Monetary System

The EPIC Monetary System is a real money system with a value based on a store of value in silver and gold rather than a money system with a value based on software.

The EPIC Monetary System website is the gateway for Existing Members to access the secured interactive, decentralized online EPIC Crypto Banking Software. It also provides complete information and descriptions of the EPIC Monetary System, the EPIC Monetary Association, the EPIC Monetary Network, the characteristic of EDDs, and the potential advantages of being an EDD Member. There is also a complete description of the EPIC Crypto Banking Software and Frequently Asked Questions.

About: EPIC Monetary Association

The EPIC Monetary Association (EMA) is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation (it has no shareholders). Its sole purpose is to serve a mutual purpose to an association of members by acquiring qualified silver and gold to support EPIC Digital Dollars and to transform the silver and gold into EPIC Digital Dollars.

EMA is the administrator of the EPIC Monetary Network decentralized online EPIC Crypto Banking Software (Software) EMA transforms the qualified silver and gold to EDDs in the Software and trades the EDDs with EDD Members for a national currency.

EMA holds the silver and gold for the benefit of the EDD Members of the EPIC Monetary Network (EMN), but deposits the silver and gold with an independent, licensed, and secured commercial vault. EMA does not have the right to sell, hypothecate or otherwise transfer, in any manner or form, the acquired silver or gold.