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Second Largest School District in Idaho Selects GoGuardian to Provide Better and Safer Internet Access on School-Owned Devices

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GoGuardian, a leading education technology SaaS provider, today announced that the Boise School District, the second largest school district in Idaho, will be using GoGuardian as their smart filtering solution for school-owned devices. Boise School District will deploy GoGuardian’s Admin product, giving its 52 schools an advanced software that will provide its students with the opportunity to tap the power of the internet for better learning while also helping keep them safe from harmful or distracting content.

With more than 26,000 students and 16,000 school-owned devices across Boise School District’s 52 schools, GoGuardian Admin’s ability to scale without the need for expensive hardware was also a key in the district’s decision. Easy to deploy with flexible filtering policies, the Admin tool will enable the district to apply on- and off-campus filtering for its devices, as well as customized filtering rules across each school and designated rules district-wide.

“Our philosophy at Boise School District is to stay ahead of what is needed to identify and block certain online content. Traditional whitelisting and blacklisting URLs are not effective ways to do this, as you need to be agile, and GoGuardian gives us this ability,” said David Roberts, technology administrator with Boise School District. “We started doing pilots of GoGuardian four years ago when we were looking for easier forms of reporting for our school-owned devices. We also needed simple, yet comprehensive reporting functions, all of which led us to switch from Lightspeed to GoGuardian.”

Through its proprietary artificial intelligence engine, GoGuardian Admin continuously scans website content and provides contextual analysis with real-time content decisions and actions. Within minutes of deployment, the schools are able to receive clear, actionable risk reports.

This year, Boise School District will be supported by GoGuardian and Palo Alto Networks as their filtering and firewall tools, respectively. To learn more about GoGuardian Admin and other offerings, visit:

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