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Secfi Launches Stock Option Starter Guide to Increase Education Around the Opaque World of Startup Equity

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Secfi, the first pre-wealth management platform helping startup employees navigate financial decisions from offer to IPO, today announced the launch of Stock Option Starter Guide, designed specifically to demystify the complex world of equity compensation and enable private company shareholders to make informed decisions about their equity. It’s the first publication in the Equity Academy, Secfi’s new and publicly available educational portal. The Equity Academy expands Secfi’s commitment to providing leading educational resources and best in class tools for equity planning.

“Our goal at Secfi is to demystify the opaque equity ecosystem,” said Wouter Witvoet, Founder & CEO of Secfi. “We are excited to launch the Stock Option Starter Guide along with several other planning tools which together provide education that serves a growing number of startup employees and shareholders. With the right tools, we believe we can help more individuals exercise their options and optimize the ‘pre-wealth’ grants they have worked for many years to earn.”

In addition to the launch of the Stock Option Starter Guide, the company has debuted an expanded suite of educational financial tools that increase the breadth and utility of their already popular advisory and planning products. Designed to address the needs of shareholders at every stage of their career, Secfi now offers equity appraisals, tax modeling and optimization, exit forecasting and exercise reporting. Secfi’s smart options exercise planning tools provide impactful insights and results – delivering an average tax savings of 32%. Additionally, Secfi pairs clients with a team of in-house licensed CPAs who help shareholders navigate complex financial decisions, optimize their equity and maximize their wealth while providing sophisticated financial advice in plain English.

In the United States, employees and founders at “Unicorn” companies own approximately $200B worth of equity and stock options, yet 76% of startup employees never exercise or sell their stock options, citing fear of making financial mistakes. With the launch of Equity Academy, Secfi now provides shareholders with the education, equity planning tools, and certified advisory services needed to prevent this $152B in equity from expiring and returning back to their employers.

Secfi also provides non-recourse financing solutions to shareholders who want to unlock liquidity from their shares, enabling private company employees to optimize their stock options and build wealth for the future. Secfi has helped employees from companies like Uber, Pinterest, Giphy, and Tradeshift make informed decisions and unlock liquidity from their equity.

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Secfi builds equity planning tools that are designed to help private company employees and shareholders make better financial decisions for their equity from offer to IPO. Secfi provides financing to help shareholders with liquidity, as well as technology products that help employees make the most of their equity. By simplifying their equity compensation, Secfi believes employees can spend more time on things they love doing most. For more information visit: