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Sansar Brings Virtual Commerce to Live Concerts

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the premier destination for social VR, today announced a new event in
collaboration with comedian, musician, and voiceover artist Reggie
. The live show and musical spectacle gives anyone,
anywhere a front-row seat to a one-of-a-kind performance from Reggie,
all from the comfort of their own homes and PCs.

Fans that attend DISINFORMATIONAL STRATEGIES on Thursday, April 25, at 5
PM PST will be able to do everything virtually that they would at a
real-life show, including purchasing exclusive merchandise: custom
shirts available both virtually and physically, virtual hair wearables,
even a hand-picked collection of custom dance emotes.

For Sansar, this collaboration is just the latest that seeks to push
virtual entertainment further with real-time sales: everything from
ticketed events to exclusive branded items (commemorative shirts, books,
and more) that fans can purchase within a virtual experience. Because
performers in Sansar can leverage Sansar’s Avatar Broadcasting feature,
which broadcasts performances to an unlimited number of people, they
also have the opportunity to share their merch with an effectively
infinite audience – going far beyond what a physical venue would allow.

“With events like Reggie’s, we’re empowering artists and performers to
share their work on an even bigger scale than real-life shows allow,”
says Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab. “We’re giving them ways to reach
and engage a global audience in real time, and we’re excited at the
possibilities ahead.”

For Reggie (who can currently be seen on the Late Late Show with
James Corden
, and has made numerous appearances on other shows like Conan,
Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
), the foray into
VR continues a commitment to innovative live shows – improvised
performances blending Reggie’s voice, looping pedal, and his own
imagination – and follows other collaborations that have enabled
audiences to virtually experience his unique style of comedy and music,
including the interactive dance experience Runnin’ with Intel Studios
(which premiered at Sundance this year), Waves with WeVR, and various
performances with Microsoft’s Altspace VR.

“I’m super excited about being in Sansar,” says Reggie. “I find that
this opportunity will change many people’s lives forever, so I hope that
everyone’s prepared for that outcome!”

takes place Thursday, April 25, at 5 PM PST in Sansar and
is free to attend. Download Sansar today
to join.

About Linden Lab

Linden Lab develops platforms that empower people to create, share, and
benefit from virtual experiences. Founded in 1999, the company first
launched Second
, the groundbreaking virtual world enjoyed by millions around
the globe, in 2003, which has since gone on to boast nearly two billion
user creations and a vibrant $500 million (USD) economy. The company
further expanded its portfolio in 2017 with the public beta of Sansar,
a free platform making social VR more accessible and immersive,
available on Windows PCs and compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
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