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SANBlaze Ships PCIe® Gen4 NVMe SBExpress to Early Adopter Partners

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SANBlaze Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has begun
shipping its PCIe® Gen4 NVMe SBExpress test systems to its
Early Adopter partners to perform early testing on their new NVMe Gen4
SSD Drives.

The SANBlaze SBExpress-RM4 PCI™ Gen4 NVMe SSD Drive Test System provides
customers with a 16-drive rackmount system that tests both single or
dual port NVMe drives simultaneously. The system automatically detects
Single or Dual path Gen4 drives and utilizes the PCIe lanes accordingly.

“PCI Express® Gen4 is the next performance benchmark for
NVMe storage systems, and our NVMe customers have been eager to test
their NVMe Gen4 devices at speed. SANBlaze is providing our Tier One
customers with a chance to get a significant jump on their competition
by allowing full speed testing of NVMe Gen4 drives before the server
industry gets Gen4 PCIe into the mainstream,” said Vince Asbridge,
President of SANBlaze.

“Due to the demand for Gen4 test platforms, we are offering our
SBExpress-RM4 system to our ‘Early Adopter’ partners first,” said Vince.
“There are still a few openings remaining in the program, which are
reserved for customers who are currently producing Gen4 drives.”
(Contact to
see if you qualify for the Early Adopter program.)

Coupled with SANBlaze Version V8.0 software, SANBlaze offers fully
automated NVMe Gen4 testing including power margining and measurement,
performance testing, exception testing including PERST, Hot Plug,
Surprise and Graceful removal, Link Training (Gen4,3,2, and 1) and Low
Power State testing. Built in IOL tests as part of the “Certified by
SANBlaze” test suite allow for pre-testing for UNH certification.

“The ability to automatically run NVMe conformance testing according to
the IOL NVMe specification is a feature that our customers greatly
appreciate,” said Mitul Patel, Senior Software and Systems Engineer.
“Test engineers are provided with a variety of test scenarios that can
be run against NVMe SSD drives, including I/O performance, NVMe
conformance, automated Hot Plug/Hot Swap, and error injection, making
their jobs a lot easier and testing a lot faster and less costly.”

The SANBlaze SBExpress-RM4 includes an industrial power supply for
thermal chamber testing providing a full 25W to each device under test
at 75C. Software support for the NVMe protocol includes many features
including GUI, CLI and XML API support, NVMe-MI test scripts, and the
ability to decode NVMe-MI response message status values. In addition,
the software supports advanced features such as streams and multiple SQs
per CQ.

The SANBlaze Early Adopter Program for SBExpress PCIe Gen4 has proven to
be successful as it provides a multitude of new features that SANBlaze
customers who are designing Gen4 NVMe drives have asked for.

Interested in PCIe Gen4? Contact SANBlaze for more information on our
Gen4 Early Adopter program.