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Safety Scan Launches to Keep Businesses Open While Keeping Customers Safe

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As many portions of the economy begin to re-open across our country, cleanliness and sanitization are at the forefront of businesses and their customers’ minds. Safety Scan, which launched this week, is designed to hit these concerns head on and provide businesses and customers with added peace of mind as physical locations re-open for customers.

The Safety Scan platform utilizes digital tags with QR codes allowing businesses to track and report sanitization status in real-time, whether it be an individual restaurant table, stadium seat, medical exam room, or piece of gym equipment.

Employees simply scan the digital tag from their smart device to report sanitization completion. Customers can also scan the tags and check when the last time a particular table, section, seat or room was sanitized as well as requesting cleaning or other concerns through the click of a button.

“Safety Scan represents a commitment from businesses to their customers that cleanliness and security are paramount,” said Cameron Fowler, Safety Scan Founder. “Our platform allows you to go far beyond simply saying that you take sanitization seriously; you’ll be able to prove it. Our real-time analytics provide a level of transparency and sense of security that customers are looking for during these uncertain times.”

This platform provides business owners and operators with access to an analytics dashboard with real-time sanitization reports. Safety Scan tags are easily installed on any surface or material and can be purchased at

Safety Scan is powered by Digital Seat Media.