Press release

 RowanPay Teams Up with Belair Capital Group for Cross Border Remittances

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Belair Capital Group has formed a strategic partnership with RowanPay for cross border remittances. Rowan’s proprietary Blockchain was built from the ground up to increase the speed and reduce the fees associated with cross border remittances. Rowan offers a decentralized system on a smaller scale, rather than a public blockchain in order to maximize efficiency of transactions. Belair Capital Group is a venture capital and corporate finance advisory firm serving clients on a broad range of innovative structured solutions. Belair is led by Joseph Duggan, a 30+ year industry veteran with deep industry knowledge and professional ties to key sectors across US and Canada. Belair provides strategic advisory services to clients seeking advice on public listings, capital structure, recapitalizations, divestments, debt and equity placements, M&A, and alternative capital markets.