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RLE Technologies Expands Spot Detector Product Line

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RLE Technologies, a leading provider of patented raised floors and containment, web-based monitoring solutions, and leak detection systems for mission-critical facilities, has expanded their spot detector line of products with the addition of the SD-RO2.

“The SD-RO1 is far and away our most popular spot detector,” says Don Raymond, RLE’s founder and CTO. “When you have product that reliably sells tens of thousands of parts a year, you know it’s a proven success. And then you start thinking about how you can branch out from that successful product and offer an expanded version that meets additional market needs and customer requests. We often have customers who purchase audible alarms or sirens to go with their leak detection. These upgrades make the SD-RO2 a very natural evolution of our spot detectors.”

The SD-RO2 builds on the success of the SD-RO1. The SD-RO2 detects leaks just like the SD-RO1: place it in a location where a leak is likely to occur, and the device will alert you to the presence of water or another liquid leak. The electronics are potted, so the unit can be almost completely submerged in water and still sends a leak alert. The following additions really set the SD-RO2 apart:

  • The SD-RO2 has two relay outputs which allow alarms to be integrated into two separate BMS or DCiM systems.
  • The SD-RO2 has LEDs and an audible alarm, so local staff immediately see and hear an alert when a leak is detected.

RLE’s SD-RO2 is in stock now and ready to ship.

About RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies is the global provider of Triad raised floors, grommets, and containment products, SeaHawk leak detection, Falcon facility monitoring solutions, and Raptor system integration products. Since 1984, our wired and wireless monitoring systems have provided peace of mind for facility stakeholders and over 17 million feet of our patented leak detection cable is installed in facilities worldwide. RLE’s products are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

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