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RichRelevance Transforms B2B Digital Experiences with Hyper-Personalization

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the global leader in Experience Personalization, today announced that
brands, manufacturers and wholesalers are increasingly embracing
RichRelevance’s AI-driven Hyper-personalization to complement
traditional sales channels and drive digital revenue growth.
RichRelevance’s comprehensive B2B personalization solution allows B2B
leaders to simplify, guide and help their customers navigate complex
buying processes as research and purchasing increasingly shifts online.
With RichRelevance, B2B leaders can use proven technology to meet and
exceed buyer expectations for a self-service, consumerized experience
that is both memorable and relevant.

“B2B purchasing is rapidly moving online, but B2B digital experiences
struggle to match B2C expectations,” said Robb Miller, SVP Americas at
RichRelevance. “RichRelevance brings powerful AI-driven personalization
to help B2B companies differentiate and win on the basis of the digital
experience they offer to buyers. Now companies can go beyond traditional
sales channels to personalize and orchestrate new digital touchpoints
that comprise today’s B2B customer journey.”

At the upcoming B2B
conference, Mr. Miller will be joined by Jamie Werve,
Director of eCommerce Strategy at Insight Enterprises, to lead a session
on digital innovation in B2B personalization, as well as share a case
study on growing digital revenues by combining eCommerce and account
management with AI-driven personalization. The session takes place on
Monday, April 29 at 4:40 pm in Chicago, Illinois.

RichRelevance’s Xen AI platform allows companies to cut through the
complexities of B2B commerce – endless catalogs, price transparency,
nuanced contractual requirements, multiple buyers, and integrated
account managers – to treat each business buyer as an individual. The
solution uniquely solves for B2B requirements with personalization that
understands implicit as well as explicit preferences, real-time
activity, intelligent rules and leverages product compatibility to
deliver product guidance and relevant content seamlessly across sales
channels. Client success stories include:

  • Insight
    : Insight turned to RichRelevance to create and deliver
    a better digital experience for their customers. After incorporating
    AI-driven personalization across the buyer journey, Insight has seen
    tremendous results, including 69% increase in YoY revenue generated
    from homepage personalization; 275% increase in Marketing Qualified
    Leads (MQLs) from personalized partner campaigns based on behavior;
    and 78% YoY increase in sales generated from product recommendations
    on product detail page. (Insight
    case study
  • CDW:
    With 100,000+ products, 1,000+ partners and 5,000+customer-facing
    trusted advisors, RichRelevance’s Hyper-personalization allows CDW to
    deliver an engaging, immersive and relevant customer experience
    tailored for industry, company and individual role, as well as unique
    goals and preferences. Using RichRelevance’s B2B personalization
    suite, CDW is able to bring together pertinent data and systems around
    every customer to provide the most relevant, memorable experience,
    increasing sales while enhancing customer satisfaction. Additional
    results include significant increases in both cross-sell attach rates
    and average order value; improved operational efficiency and
    merchandising effectiveness; and improved product awareness and
    conversion through onsite search by delivering more relevant results. (CDW
    case study
  • Atea
    is the market leader in IT infrastructure in Europe’s Nordic and
    Baltic regions and uses RichRelevance to personalize the buying
    experience on their eCommerce site. RichRelevance is both a partner
    and platform that understands how Atea’s complex business differs from
    traditional B2C retail and solves for the complexities and nuances of
    the B2B challenges they face, including the ability to manage product
    compatibility challenges and accommodate for diverse and restricted
    catalogs across customer accounts. After implementing RichRelevance,
    Atea has seen higher product engagement which has resulted in up to
    20% increase in basket size. (Atea
    case study

Additional RichRelevance resources for B2B brands include:

About RichRelevance

RichRelevance is the global leader in Experience Personalization,
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