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Retailers Are Leveraging Location Analytics to Supercharge Their Business Strategy and Boost Sales | Download Quantzig’s Free Resource for in-Depth Insights

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized
analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource
on location
. Transactional data generated by businesses today
often contain a geographical component that, when laid out in a
geographical information system (GIS), paves way for new dimensions of
analysis and insights, in this case through a more visually engaging
approach. Retailers today are leveraging location analytics to better
understand their customers and optimize business processes.

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Top Reasons Why Location Analytics is Essential for Retailers (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top Reasons Why Location Analytics is Essential for Retailers (Graphic: Business Wire)

Evidently, location analytics is here to stay, mainly because its
advantages contribute and apply to practically all industries that their
growth is irremediable. With the advancements in technology and mobile
devices becoming pervasive, the amount of location data that they
generate is massive. Owing to such factors, location analytics is
becoming the key differentiator to businesses across the globe, helping
them improve customer experience, drive revenue, and increase
operational efficiency.

“Location analytics offers granular, accurate information that will
empower businesses to better understand customer demands in terms of
their preferred products and services,” says a location analytics
expert from Quantzig.

Quantzig’s location analytics solutions coupled with domain
knowledge can help you jump-start your analytics journey.
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Top Reasons Why Location Analytics is Essential
for Retailers

  • Increase sales

Location analytics offers granular, accurate insights that will empower
businesses to understand customer demands in terms of their preferred
products and services. Armed with such data-driven insights, retailers
can make critical decisions about launching new product lines, store
refurbishments, and new store launches.

The proliferation of data sets have not only resulted in the
evolution of new business models but have also increased business
complexities. Leveraging the use of location based data can help
retailers to enhance visibility into core processes.
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  • Improve ROI

To gain a competitive edge in today’s complex retail landscape it’s
essential to invest in products, resources, and technology. Also, by
investing in location analytics businesses can identify their true
potential and assess areas where they under-perform.

  • Boost customer experience

Leveraging location-based data as the context for customer experience
management enables businesses to identify and isolate the root cause of
customer service issues. It also empowers businesses to identify
patterns in customer service-related problems and correlate them using
customized models to map the similarities and differences.

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