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Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) Pioneer Teikametrics Introduces Agency Directory for Amazon Seller Ecosystem

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Teikametrics, the leading Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) which helps
brands and sellers optimize Amazon advertising campaigns, today
announced the launch of an in-app agency partner directory exclusively
available to its clients. The new dedicated directory allows
Teikametrics’ Amazon sellers to connect with an ecosystem of
pre-verified ecommerce services providers in complementary areas such as
backend technical support, content management, and social media buying.

Teikametrics’ Flywheel ROP platform uses proprietary data science and
econometrics models that dynamically analyze a combination of
advertising, transaction, and inventory data to help sellers bid
profitably on Amazon advertising. More than 2,000 Amazon merchants have
actively adopted Teikametrics’ Flywheel SaaS solution, which has helped
sellers increase their sales revenue by as much as 60 percent.

Now with the introduction of the trusted agency partner listing,
Teikametrics’ clients can also benefit from exclusive access to a vetted
professional network of digital marketing firms, solution integrators,
and other agencies with a broad range of ecommerce expertise and
geographical and industry emphasis. Partners that use the directory will
gain access to Teikametrics’ growing community of thousands of ecommerce
sellers through a dedicated portal to track leads, manage client
communications, and grow their businesses.

“The new agency partner listing continues our ongoing mission to become
the go-to solution for sellers to grow their Amazon revenue,” said Mike
Indigaro, Director of Agency Development at Teikametrics. “Having
already developed a robust global community of trusted partners,
establishing a dedicated agency directory is the natural next step for
us to offer our clients added value while strengthening our partnerships
with best in class ecommerce experts.”

To become a listed agency partner, firms must be currently licensing
Teikametrics’ technology, and have greater than ten clients or $50,000
in ad spend under management through the Teikametrics ROP platform.

About Teikametrics
Teikametrics is the leading Retail
Optimization Platform (ROP) that helps retailers, brands and agencies
grow revenue and increase profitability on Amazon. Teikametrics
optimizes billions of transactions for thousands of retailers around the
world selling on Amazon and other marketplaces. Founded in 2013,
Teikametrics uses proprietary econometrics and machine-learning data
models packaged in a simple SaaS interface. The company combines
best-in-class technology with deep domain expertise in selling on
Amazon. Retailers and brands including Razer, Power Practical, Zipline
Ski, and Mark Cuban’s Brands are increasingly turning to Teikametrics to
harness the full potential of selling and advertising on Amazon. For
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