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Red Dot 2020 Rewarded Padmate PaMu Slide, a Dual-Mic Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds With 60-Hour Playback Time

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The Padmate PaMu Slide has this year been awarded by prestigious Red Dot Design Award for outstanding product design after professional jury panel reviews. This becomes the most important award to Padmate after its PaMu Audio Product series were rewarded by iF Design 2020, Korea Design 2019 and Golden Pin Design 2019.

PaMu Slide is a pair of IPX6 water-resistance True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds with Wireless Power Bank Charger. Unlike other TWS earbuds in the market, the PaMu Slide has multiple features that make it stand out and unbeatable:

  • Dual-mic noise cancelling under Qualcomm CSR technology assisted, delivering clearer voice during calls
  • 10-hour continual play time after one charge and totally 60-hour playback, kicking away repeating charging everyday
  • Slide mechanism design on Charger, super convenient and technology fashion driving
  • Wireless Power Bank, quickly charging (wireless, Qi standard) smartphones up to 1000mAh in an hour for emergency use when out of power source.

“Many years ago, slide phones were huge hit for years. People love the sense when sliding to open and close. Even technologies update fast in industries but the sense is there. Why not recalling the sense again with our own patent in Slide mechanism and applying the cool thing to the latest tech?” said Padmate Chief Designer, Xiaolu Cai.

PaMu Slide was firstly launched on world’s top crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo in Sept. 2019. With 6.5 million US Dollars funded and 85,000 worldwide consumers backed, PaMu Slide became to be the most backed and funded tech product in the world since Indiegogo establishment. More than 200 medias reported the product and the success. Padmate also announced the beginning of a recruitment campaign for global agents interested in selling and distributing its products. Interested parties are invited to contact

About Padmate

Founded in 2011, Padmate develops and produces innovative Bluetooth headsets and electronic products, empowering healthy lifestyles through technology. The company seeks inspiration for its unique designs from what is generally seen as naturally pleasing among people of all backgrounds as well as classic fashions, transforming every headset into a work of art. In 2018 and 2019, it launched two products PaMu Scroll and PaMu Slide on Indiegogo, receiving support from more than 85,000 backers and creating two new records in the platform. PaMu, a brand of Padmate’s audio products category, is dedicated to developing highly personalized products, which have been recognized and recommended by leaders in the world of product experience, as well as by NBA players Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Kuzma.

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