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Real World Evidence Analytics: Quantzig Helps its Clients Leverage Real World Data to Accelerate Next-gen Pharma R&D

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Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider, today announced that it is working with its clients from the healthcare and life sciences segment to help them drive commercial success and optimize clinical trials using real world evidence analytics. As a part of its COVID-19 business support initiatives, Quantzig is actively collaborating with pharmaceuticals manufacturers, healthcare researches, life sciences companies from various geographies to help them broaden their understanding of real-world data.

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Real world evidence analytics can help you interpret data from patient records, clinical trials, and treatment outcomes to get a better understanding of disease progression patterns, resource usage, treatment pathways, and the factors that determine the outcome. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about RWE analytics.

According to Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics experts, “Our real world evidence analytics solutions are specifically designed to help healthcare organizations evaluate the drug treatment efficacy and cost-effectiveness of therapies to complement clinical trial outcomes using real world data sets.”

Drug discovery and drug development is a complicated process that is a combination of several procedures, applications, and approvals. However, recent advances in storage, network, and computing technologies have enabled pharma companies to economically and efficiently harness real world data and turn it into a source of business strength. Real world data analytics also enables joint analyses of clinical and pre-clinical data from disparate sources, leading to transparency and better visibility into the drug discovery and pharma R&D processes.

Quantzig has more than 15 years of experience working with leading businesses and helping them create and implement data-driven solutions to effectively handle changes now and in the future. Our real world evidence analytics solutions have helped leading pharma companies to accelerate R&D processes and drug development by turning real world data into actionable insights. Being a premier analytics solutions provider, we are known for our innovative solutions and analytics capabilities that include the design and development of data platforms, discovery platforms, integrated data warehouses, and advanced data analytics dashboards. Talk to our analytics experts to learn how our expertise in real world evidence analytics can help you capture, access, and analyze all forms of real world data to extract maximum insights.

Quantzig’s Real World Evidence Analytics Capabilities

Patient Engagement: We help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to optimize patient care systems and drug delivery methods through patient engagement solutions.

Patient Journey Analytics: Our patient journey analysis solutions help examine the clinical and non-clinical procedures associated with patient care and delivers strategic insights to improve diagnostic and treatment processes.

Physician Journey Analysis: We analyze information collected from treatment history, referrals, and lab tests to provide insights into the range of therapeutics and drugs available in the market.

For pharma and life sciences companies, there’s a great wealth of information waiting to be tapped in a diverse range of data relating to products, brands, practices, research, compliance, contracting, rebating, and drug usage. Request FREE solution demo to know we can help you make the most of such real world data sets.

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