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Real-Time Public Pulse Data Provides Michigan Leaders with Intelligence to Manage COVID-19

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With a deep understanding of the critical importance of actionable data during a crisis, community data experts at Elucd are providing real-time state-level feedback on the COVID-19 pandemic to the Office of the Governor, health officials and the public. The technology company also works with several local governments in the state, including the cities of Lansing and Grand Rapids, to provide extensive feedback on a neighborhood-specific level to provide real-time intelligence to inform both operations and communication of first responder agencies. This information is helping local officials to better understand what the public knows, what they need and where to focus critical resources as they respond to this on-going crisis.

This data is collected using Elucd’s Blockwise platform, which deploys digitally based surveys to a statistically representative sample of the U.S. population.

Specifically, Elucd is asking members of the public age 18 and older, questions such as:

  • Have you recently decided to make a significant change in your behavior or routines due to a change in the coronavirus situation (including changes to work, school, commuting, participating in large gatherings or otherwise)?
  • Which of the following would be most likely to cause you to make significant changes in your behavior or routines?

Michigan Day 1 Findings

  • Governor Whitmer’s announcement to close all bars and restaurants is widely supported by 66% of the public with many residents who want the state to go even further by imposing additional restrictions to limit the spread of the virus.
  • 38% of residents want all businesses to close.
  • Nearly half of residents believe the police should be enforcing quarantines and one in five residents want to see a police-enforced public curfew.
  • Despite supporting these increased measures about three in four Michigan residents do NOT know anyone that has been exposed to the virus.

“It’s clear that the people of Michigan are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop the spread of this virus, even if it means enduring major disruptions to daily life. We’ll continue to share our findings with the decision makers in Lansing so that public sentiment is weighed alongside other critical indicators from across the state,” said Michael Simon, Elucd CEO.

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More about Elucd’s Methodology

Elucd’s Blockwise is currently deployed by more than a dozen city governments nationwide and overseas. Some local governments are using ongoing Elucd polling ads as an additional touchpoint to remind residents of CDC Steps to Prevent Illness. This real-time data, at scale, can be tailored for governments and health officials to assist in identifying persons with signals for COVID-19. The firm regularly conducts public interest polling on issues regarding community sentiment along with special polling on issues of the day such as infrastructure resilience and political elections. The technology engages individuals through geo-targeted digital advertisements on the social media platforms, apps and websites they use and visit every day.

Elucd delivers surveys via geo-targeted online digital ads. Based on U.S. Census data, the sample is weighted to reflect the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the population being surveyed. Elucd surveys between 400-500 Michigan residents, aged 18 and older, daily. The margin of error each day ranges between +/- 4.4% and +/- 4.9%.

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