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Real estate agents are crushing remote work with RealtyCrunch’s collaboration platform, buyers will never go back to email and texting!

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RealtyCrunch is a real estate collaboration platform that helps agents understand what clients need, prioritize what clients like, and collaborate to close deals faster. It’s like Pinterest + Messenger for real estate.

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RealtyCrunch Collaboration Platform (Photo: Business Wire)

RealtyCrunch Collaboration Platform (Photo: Business Wire)

Brokerages such as Brown Harris Stevens and Bond have partnered with RealtyCrunch to offer competitive tools to their agents. In this challenging environment of social distancing, RealtyCrunch’s collaboration aspect is truly differentiated and appreciated by agents and buyers alike.

“RealtyCrunch is helping brokers and customers meet in the middle, with tech that is both familiar and efficient, but not trying too hard,” remarked Pablo Marvel, Chief Marketing Officer at Brown Harris Stevens.

RealtyCrunch was born from the frustrations of the founder, Pritesh Damani, when he and his wife began buying real estate. He was shocked by the overwhelming volume and complete disorganization of emails, text messages and phone calls required to close a deal. As a serial technology entrepreneur, he immediately saw the opportunity to turn his frustration into a product. RealtyCrunch eliminates the disorganized text messages, emails and file exchanges and consolidates collaboration into a single platform.

When you install the RealtyCrunch app on your phone, it operates with the convenience and speed of text messaging, but more importantly, it eliminates any confusion about what home is being discussed. For buyers, it borrows the fun, ease and familiarity of bookmarking and social media sites like Pinterest. For agents, the platform provides, hands down, the best way to streamline and organize communication with multiple clients to speed up decision making. “The beauty of RealtyCrunch is that it revolutionizes how buyers and agents work together, it is the most fun way to cut through the noise. It’s truly powerful,” remarked Scott Harris, Founder Harris Residential Team at Brown Harris Stevens.

In this challenging period of social distancing, RealtyCrunch is the perfect tool for agents to remain close to their clients. The latest app update allows agents to give their customers a private, virtual tour experience, creating the personal connection necessary to close deals. RealtyCrunch is the real estate tech of the future and the solution of the present, uncertain times.