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Ready Responders to Provide At-Home Care for Patients and Alleviate Strain on Hospitals During COVID-19 Crisis

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On-demand healthcare service Ready Responders today announced continued medical support for the communities it serves – Southeastern Louisiana, Las Vegas, and Reno – with plans to launch several new markets in the next quarter to support patients and hospitals during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. By providing at-home non-emergent healthcare services supported by telehealth, Ready Responders offers safe and convenient healthcare while alleviating overburdened health centers and hospitals.

With more than 15,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, and only 2.8 hospital beds for every 1,000 people, Ready Responders is providing an immediate, safe and effective solution during the growing crisis. With its unique on-demand healthcare platform, Ready Responders allows patients to avoid potentially unnecessary emergency room, clinic and in-patient visits by sending specialized health professionals directly to patients wherever care is needed. Accepting all forms of health insurance and leveraging a highly trained multidisciplinary team of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners via telehealth and on-scene paramedics, EMTs and nurses, the Company is able to assess and treat the physical, mental and social health needs of patients who are sequestered or quarantined more affordably than a typical emergency room, hospital or outpatient visit.

“Ready Responders is uniquely positioned to provide immediate relief for both patients and health systems during this public health crisis,” said Justin Dangel, CEO and Co-Founder of Ready Responders. “As the number of those infected with COVID-19 continues to grow, we’re committed to helping our patients safely and more easily access immediate and individualized care, while reducing the strain on the greater healthcare system.”

Ready Responders will soon have access to home-based COVID-19 tests. Administering tests in the home expedites care for vulnerable patients who seek to avoid long waits at the emergency room and the risk of exposing others or being exposed themselves. It also enables the responders, when appropriate, to do follow-up testing with family members. In addition, Ready Responders has the ability to monitor and do follow-up visits with patients who test positive as needed by phone, video, or in person. The Company is working under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and local public health authorities to put the proper protocols in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ready Responders, which recently secured $48 million in Series B financing led by Deerfield Management and Google Ventures, is also working diligently to quickly expand its capabilities into additional markets including the District of Columbia, Maryland, New York, Florida, California and Texas. The goal is to provide vital support for illnesses that range from acute conditions such as sprained ankles and common colds to chronic conditions such as diabetes and chronic pain. In addition, the Company will leverage the funding to grow its experienced team and pursue new technology-based solutions, including enhancing its platform and clinical offering by adding expanded point-of-care testing and additional health screening tools. The Series B funding also had participation from Frist Cressey Ventures and Town Hall Ventures. Ready Responders has raised a total of $53 million to date, with previous funding from Founders Fund, Revolution Ventures and several super angels.

“By meeting patients on their terms and addressing their specific needs, Ready Responders is positioned to transform the nature of how patients experience healthcare and create an entirely new category of comprehensive clinical services,” said Julian Harris, MD, Partner with Deerfield’s Health Services & Technology Team and a national expert on innovative care and financing delivery models. “Beyond the need to alleviate an overburdened healthcare system with the outbreak of COVID-19, Ready Responders is leading the way to a new form of health service by providing the kind of convenient, safe, comprehensive and affordable care that matches what patients have come to expect in other aspects of modern life.”

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About Ready Responders

Ready Responders is an on-demand health service that delivers care wherever and whenever patients need it. It accomplishes this with a team of highly trained paramedics, EMTs and nurses who are connected to patients through telehealth and other technologies via specialized visits in the safety of a patient’s home or community. Its multidisciplinary teams address the physical, mental and social health needs of patients while also considering the effects of their environment. Covered by all insurance types, Ready Responders’ model serves as a convenient, fast and affordable solution to reduce overall health costs and deliver more positive health outcomes. To learn more, visit