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Ravensdown Enables Smarter Farming with Citrix and Inde Technology

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We live in an age of intelligence. From phones and cars to homes and
networks, everything is smart – even farming, thanks to Ravensdown.
The New Zealand farmer-owned cooperative is enabling a smarter way to
farm by providing its owners – who produce food that feeds 20 million
people around the world – with innovative products, expertise and
technology that minimize environmental impacts and allow them to
optimise value from their land. And with the help of Citrix
Systems, Inc.
(NASDAQ:CTXS) and Citrix Systems Solution Advisor and
2019 Partner Innovation Award finalist Inde
, the co-op is taking things to new levels.

“Technology is an important part of enabling smarter farming, and
improving customer experience,” said Mark McAtamney, CIO of Ravensdown.
To this end, Ravensdown has overhauled the IT network that powers its
quarries and stores.

“Many companies are facing complex upgrade and patching challenges
within their application and desktop delivery platforms, all combined
with more and more initiatives to adopt cloud services,” said Ralf
Donkers, Consulting Engineer, Inde. “Working closely with Ravensdown, we
helped them transition to an evergreen Citrix®
control plane combined with a next-generation network
based on Citrix
technology, resulting in optimal delivery of all their
applications complemented by a robust network infrastructure for
accessing the cloud.”

And according to McAtamney, an improved customer experience. “Our stores
and quarries across the country have been benefitting from a physical
overhaul,” he said. “It’s easy to notice the difference when a new roof
goes on, but behind-the-scenes projects like the Citrix upgrade help our
staff deliver the services our customers value.”

Secure, Reliable Technology

Ravensdown’s IT network supports 750 users across 50 sites. And with
many of these sites in rural locations where performance issues and
network outages are common, keeping this network reliably connected was
a major challenge. According to David Forster, Infrastructure Manager
for Ravensdown, patching and upgrades had become a big overhead for the
co-op’s IT team.

“We wanted to work smarter and free the team up to focus on new and
innovative technology solutions,” he said. “So we began looking for a
solution that ticked all the boxes. It had to improve end-user
experience, network resilience and the delivery of our computer

And it found one in Citrix.

“The Citrix suite stood out as the best option,” Forster said. “It
delivered an ecosystem that gave us the integrated platform we were
after and users say it’s making a difference in terms of syncing data
and simplifying things.

A Modern, Unified Experience

With the help of Inde, Ravensdown implemented Citrix’s digital
and networking

“For Ravensdown, it’s important the staff working throughout the country
have a reliable and consistent experience,” Donkers said. “Like the
environmental consultant out in the field aggregating data on the farms
who needs to move that data to central services.”

Using Citrix Workspace and Citrix SD-WAN, Inde has helped Ravensdown
deliver this experience. “With the implementation of Citrix SD-WAN
across our stores, network outages have gone away and performance has
improved for our core applications,” Forster said.

The high moment in Inde’s mind? “When we had Ravensdown’s SD-WAN in a
box in the middle of nowhere and three days of zero downtime,” said Rik
Roberts, Consulting Engineer, Inde.

Simple. Intelligent. Reliable. Secure. This is the future of work. And
with Citrix and Inde, Ravensdown is delivering it today. To learn more
about the co-op’s efforts, click here.

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