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QuoLab Technologies Joins Forces with the Cyber Alliance to Defend Our Healthcare

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QuoLab Technologies, provider of a data-centric security operations platform (SOP), today announced a partnership with the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare. Formed by C5 Capital, the Alliance brings together cyber professionals who are committed to the cyber defense of today’s healthcare systems and providers. By joining the Alliance, QuoLab’s SOP will be added to the Alliance’s armory of tools and resources to help address the myriad data security issues endured by healthcare providers.

Healthcare systems, providers and laboratories are seeing an unprecedented number of attacks from malicious cyber actors that damage the most critical systems and services especially needed during a pandemic. In response to these issues, the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare was formed to bring industry experts together to tackle cybersecurity issues facing the healthcare industry.

“QuoLab Technologies is excited and honored to support our healthcare community during a time when they need it most. While healthcare organizations strive to provide great care to patients—particularly during a global pandemic—threat actors will continue to try and exploit them,” said Dan Young, CEO of QuoLab Technologies. “Our motivation is to provide the tools that allow cybersecurity professionals to hunt down those threats while empowering healthcare professionals to do what they do best, providing the excellent care and support that our community needs.”

As an organization that unifies industry experts to tackle and offer advice on cybersecurity issues facing the healthcare industry, the Cyber Alliance is in a unique position to bring QuoLab’s capabilities to a critically impacted industry in need of highly professional security operations center (SOC) and managed services as well as forensic and incident response services.

“The Cyber Alliance embodies the collective mission of its members to come together as a sector to protect those who are delivering our care during Covid-19. We are delighted that QuoLab has joined us and look forward to working on impactful solutions together in the future,” said André Pienaar, Chairperson, The Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare.

The QuoLab SOP is designed to unify processes, people and technology in a data-centric environment. Now with a new reporting functionality feature, users are able to generate meaningful, tailored reports that deliver actionable intelligence related to incidents, attacks, threat actors and more. To stay up to date on all of the news surrounding QuoLab Technologies, please visit:

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