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Qumulo Announces Certification of Qumulo File Storage with Genetec Security Center Unified Security Platform

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a leader in hybrid cloud file storage, today announced that Qumulo’s
file storage solution has been certified with Genetec™
Security Center
, an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based
video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition
(ALPR), communications, and analytics. Genetec users can now utilize Qumulo’s
scalable, high performance file storage system for cost-effective,
long-term data retention and fast, unified data accessibility.

Qumulo’s file storage solutions are becoming increasingly vital to
enterprises as the amount of video content being created, analyzed, and
retained is rapidly increasing. This is driving a massive rise in
storage capacity requirements.

As video assets continue to grow in size and complexity, storage
performance and capacity can be added seamlessly to Qumulo’s storage,
allowing for growth without system disruption or downtime.

“This certification brings together our unified security platform with
Qumulo’s file storage to offer another solution that helps organizations
mitigate these challenges and meet the business demands of today’s
modern organizations,” said David Grey, Commercial Lead, Product Line
Management at Genetec.

Qumulo’s file system includes real-time analytics to help Genetec users
identify trends and bottlenecks in their data, and predict future
capacity requirements. Administrators can access capacity trends, down
to an individual camera, to indicate how much storage is being consumed.
Analyzing these trends over time will allow an organization to plan for
capacity growth, or make adjustments to their retention schemes.

Additionally, using erasure coding, Qumulo provides a high level of data
protection for small and large files, without significant capacity
overheads. Built-in data protection eliminates the need for duplicate
data copies or the integration of third-party data protection

“Storage is a critical part of the broader video surveillance and
security ecosystem, and Qumulo is uniquely able to provide businesses,
government and public institutions with a modern file solution that
meets their demands for scalability, built-in data protection, and ease
of management,” said Molly Presley, Director of Product Marketing at

To learn more about the solution, visit Qumulo
or Genetec
for more information.


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