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Questionmark Enables Business and Exam Continuity, Despite Ongoing Lockdown and Social Distancing

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With lockdowns beginning to ease, the battle against coronavirus has moved into a new phase but it will take time before groups of people can congregate together. Business, government and academia will still need to be able to assess the skills and performance of their staff or students, without using assessment centers to do so.

There is an alternative to cancelling tests and exams. Questionmark Proctoring Online delivers secure assessments in exam-conditions to test takers at home. This enables high-stakes assessments, such as those needed for compliance and professional or academic qualifications or certifications, to continue, despite ongoing social distancing.

Employers can ensure that people in important roles have the right skills and support to do their jobs. Training and development needs can be identified, making it possible to upskill staff and maintain business continuity.

Advances in technology mean that distance learning is well established, and students can continue to study for qualifications. But this still needs a secure way to assess what they have learned.

With Proctoring Online, Questionmark provides an online proctor, or supervisor, who monitors the test-taker using the webcam and audio built into their computer. The proctor confirms the candidate’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behavior.

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director of Questionmark said, “Some assessments can be done from home with only minimal security measures in place. But when the stakes are high this is simply not appropriate.

“Assessments are often essential for business continuity, recruitment, security, health and safety and business growth. Academic assessments are critical to both to improve learning and to assess ability.

“But tests no longer belong just in assessment centers. With Proctoring Online, organizations can conduct remote tests and assessments without compromising security. There is no need miss out on testing potential students and checking that candidates have what it takes to thrive.”

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Questionmark provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequalled expertise. Its full-service online assessment tool and professional services help customers to improve their performance and meet their compliance requirements. Questionmark enables organizations to unlock their potential by delivering assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

Questionmark offers secure powerful integration with other LMS, LRS and proctoring services making it easy to bring everything together in one place. Questionmark’s cloud-based assessment management platform offer rapid deployment, scalability for high-volume test delivery, 24/7 support, and the peace-of-mind of secure, audited U.S., Australian and European-based data centers.