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Quantzig’s E-commerce Product Pricing Solutions Can Help Businesses Manage Demand & Drive Better Outcomes Amid the Crisis | Request a FREE Proposal for Comprehensive Solution Insights

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Quantzig, global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business has been actively analyzing the e-commerce landscape right from the initial stage of the pandemic. Based on its analysis, Quantzig predicts that e-commerce companies will continue to bear the brunt of the current scenario for a prolonged period. While e-commerce companies continue to struggle to meet the sudden surge in demand, what needs to be considered is that businesses that adopt robust pricing strategies will ultimately achieve better results in the long-run.

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E-commerce Pricing Analytics: Solutions Portfolio (Graphic: Business Wire)

E-commerce Pricing Analytics: Solutions Portfolio (Graphic: Business Wire)

E-commerce businesses, especially SMBs are hit hard by the ongoing crisis. We’re ready to help you with our advanced price optimization solutions. Request a FREE proposal to get started.

How Quantzig’s e-commerce product pricing solutions can help you?

  • Our approach to price optimization will help e-commerce companies to prioritize the right products while optimizing the discounts and promotions
  • We help you manage demand effectively by analyzing the market needs to drive better fulfillment rates
  • Leverage the power of connected, intelligent, and scalable analytics solutions that not just help you analyze the current market scenario but help you stay prepared for future disruptions and demand surges

We have a proven track record of helping leading e-commerce companies expand their footprint & product portfolio globally by better managing demand and tackling supply chain complexities. Talk to our analytics experts to get started.

The e-commerce industry is flourishing globally at a rapid pace and is expected to do so in the coming years. With internet penetration on the rise, businesses have been witnessing massive demand over the past few years. But in the wake of the current scenario caused by the pandemic outbreak, businesses have started rethinking their pricing and promotion strategies to navigate the crisis. To tackle such scenarios and to stay ahead of the curve, our pricing analytics experts suggest that e-commerce companies will have to pull back on promotions for high demand product categories for a longer period or until we succeed in containing the pandemic.

According to Quantzig’s price optimization experts, “The ongoing crisis also provides an opportunity to e-commerce companies for innovation and disruption, but at the same time it requires attention to execution, and efforts to create long term value.”

Strike the perfect balance between product promotions and pricing with the help of Quantzig’s advanced pricing analytics solutions. Request a FREE demo for comprehensive insights.

E-commerce Pricing Analytics Solutions: Quantzig’s Value Proposition

In technologically-inclined, developed countries, several innovative delivery mechanisms that revolve around the use of drones, driverless automatic vehicles, and pick-up towers have been created to tackle such challenges and demand surges. But in other countries, i.e., a majority of them lack such advanced systems that can help them tackle such issues. Today, a host of new developments involving artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced analytics seems likely to propel the e-commerce sector to further heights. Our pricing analytics solutions for the e-commerce sector are designed keeping in mind the challenges that can obstruct growth and productivity on a large scale. At challenging times like these, e-commerce companies must focus on skillfully addressing the rising needs by optimizing discounts and promotions. Following such an approach offers two-fold benefits:

1) Due to reduced demand at the individual consumer level, your organization can fulfill orders across each region

2) By pulling back on discounts and promotions, the profit per SKU will increase leading to better financial outcomes

Our industry-leading solutions combine cutting-edge analytics methodologies, advanced algorithms, and data science with intuitive, interactive dashboards that help drive shareholder value from every inventory-intensive operation.

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