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PushSend Launches All-in-One Marketing Platform That Brings Enterprise Capabilities to SMBs

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today announces the launch of its all-in-one SaaS solution that helps
marketers create, market and manage email campaigns, landing pages and
events. This easy-to-use marketing platform is far beyond traditional
SMB email and landing page builders. This powerful tool allows
businesses of any size the opportunity to maximize their marketing
efforts through a single platform traditionally only available to
enterprise-level companies.

Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, PushSend
addresses many of the issues that business owners have with traditional
marketing platforms that are built for the enterprise. PushSend has
solutions to address SMBs through every stage of their growth. From
email marketing, landing pages, lead generation forms, to event
marketing, PushSend offers all of these tools in one easy-to-use
platform. This means that businesses only have to pay for one service,
versus several different services, and they also benefit from the
holistic analytics that the platform offers across all of the tools.

PushSend offers a free tier available for an unlimited time period.
Different from most competitors in the space, this free tier includes
the same level of quality customer support that even the highest-paying
tiers offer. As businesses grow, they’re able to easily increase their
scope of use with PushSend and the range of marketing tools that the
platform offers.

PushSend provides a variety of advanced features not traditionally found
in email marketing platforms, such as:

  • Email Sequencing – allows a business to create a series of
    personalized emails that are automatically sent on scheduled dates and
    times. The point of sequenced emails is that each email leads a user
    down the desired path that ends in conversion.
  • Automation – allows businesses to automate marketing emails for
    customers who may be at a specific step in the sales cycle.
  • Multivariate Testing – allows marketers to test multiple variables,
    such as different subject lines, messages and designs, in an email and
    see how they interact with one another. The goal is to determine which
    combination of variables performs the best out of all of the possible
  • Events – allows businesses to sync with their email campaigns to
    promote events, manage RSVPs, guest lists, and more. This is a tool
    that similar marketing platforms don’t offer, making business owners
    spend money on two different services.

“The SMB market has a need for a tool like PushSend,” said Hardeep
Arora, owner of several Verizon Wireless franchise stores throughout the
Northeast and beta customer of PushSend. “I look forward to utilizing
the platform on a daily basis to help with in-store events, email
marketing campaigns and landing pages for our constantly-changing
special offers. It’s easy to use, but powerful enough to really impact
the growth of our business. The best part is: we pay for one service
that does the work of three.”

The PushSend platform offers user-friendly tools to create and manage
email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and events. It allows you to
market, learn, and convert, all while using less time and resources. The
platform is easy enough for the entry-level marketer, and robust enough
for a seasoned marketing professional.

The platform was created by Eric
, CEO of PushSend, after he experienced common struggles with
marketing a small business.

“We are a small business for small businesses. We address the
issues that smaller companies have with the functionality of an
enterprise-grade platform,” said Diamond. “They don’t want to spend a
ton of money on a lot of different services to help them with marketing
functions needed on a daily basis. PushSend is an all-in-one solution
that is much more cost-effective than competitors, and it’s easy to
start using right away. From startups to more mature companies, PushSend
has the tools to help drive any business.”

Create a campaign, push send, and watch your business grow. For more
information and to sign up for a free account with PushSend, visit

About PushSend

PushSend is an all-in-one marketing tool to help your business grow. The
SaaS solution helps with email marketing, landing page marketing, event
marketing and centralized list management. The platform has a free tier
to get started, allowing customers to scale services as their business
grows. To learn more about PushSend, visit