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PureFacts Partners With Cascades Financial Solutions, a Retirement Income Planning Tool That Provides Tax-efficient Decumulation Strategies

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PureFacts Financial Solutions, a leading provider of mission-critical wealthtech solutions, has taken an ownership stake in Cascades Financial Solutions Inc.

Cascades is a retirement income planning tool that empowers financial advisors to enter the rapidly growing retirement decumulation space while protecting and growing their assets under management.

Cascades has revolutionized the way that advisors can help clients plan for retirement by creating a detailed report outlining the income tax savings of competing withdrawal strategies. It enables an advisor to provide in-depth, tax-efficient advice for retirement income planning that they could never do before on their own.

Key features:

  • Retirement income calculator that solves for a sustainable net retirement income from all income sources, quickly answering the most critical question retiring clients face, “Are we going to be okay?”
  • Solution that clearly demonstrates the value of financial planning advice at a time of increasing regulation and transparency.
  • Intuitive platform that educates advisors wanting to enter the retirement decumulation market.

“We’re always on the lookout for exceptional value-add partners who can enable our clients to help their clients live their best lives. Developed from the ground up by advisors, Cascades helps investors with their retirement income planning, so it was a perfect fit,” says Robert Madej, PureFacts CEO. “We’re excited to add the Cascades decumulation platform to our offering to help our clients increase the value of their advice.”

PureFacts is integrating Cascades’ breakthrough retirement income software into their suite of wealth management solutions. Depending upon their needs, firms can access Cascades as:

  • A standalone retirement income planning solution with no integration.
  • A complete front, middle and back office wealth management solution with financial data integrations and goals-based investment and retirement income planning modules.
  • An API-enabled retirement income planning solution to any existing digital ecosystem.

“Poor tax planning can cost a client hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost retirement income,” says Ian Moyer, Co-founder of Cascades Financial Solutions. “With Cascades, advisors not only save clients taxes, they can save them from devastating advice. Prior to Cascades, there was no tool on the market that could tell an investor with confidence that they’d have enough money when they retire.”

Co-founder, Jonathan Kestle emphasizes that “there is a fundamental lack of decumulation planning advice at a time when the aging demographic so badly needs it. We believe that financial advisors who embrace and leverage new technology like Cascades will attract the assets and replace the advisors who don’t.”

About PureFacts Financial Solutions:

Ranked a WealthTech 100 Company for 2020, PureFacts provides wealth management solutions for the financial services industry in Canada, USA, UK, and the Caribbean. PureFacts uses AI, big data, and their industry expertise to help firms realize value, increase productivity, reduce costs, and create an enhanced customer experience.