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Pricing Analytics Helped a Spare Parts Manufacturer Redefine Their Pricing Strategy to Achieve >7% ROS Uplift | Quantzig’s New Success Story

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest pricing analytics engagement.

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This success story is a classic example of how Quantzig’s advanced pricing analytics solutions help manufacturers drive profitability by redefining their pricing strategy.

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  1. If you’re someone who’s looking to enter or expand your footprint, this success story offers detailed insights into why you should leverage pricing analytics
  2. Learn how pricing analytics in the manufacturing industry is a big deal.
  3. Gain insights on the different pricing strategies that’ll help you drive business outcomes.

By offering newer ways of analyzing data to identify price points, pricing analytics paves the way for the shift from ad-hoc approaches to innovative, data-driven pricing solutions. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about our pricing analytics capabilities.

Engagement Overview


Business Challenge

Our Approach

A leading automotive spare parts manufacturer based out of the United States, specializing in the manufacturing of exhaust systems, braking systems, antilock braking systems, and other automotive spare parts.

To expand their market footprint the client was involved in rapid mergers and acquisitions, though it helped improve market presence it gradually led to a rise in pricing discrepancies both within and across the business units.

The initial phase revolved around data cleansing to validate sources and improve pricing elasticity. Pricing recommendations were then made based on the country, taking into account potential impact at product and customer level.

Pricing analytics offers decision-makers the insights required to foresee fluctuations in market prices, capitalize on future trends, and respond proactively to challenges. Speak to our analytics experts and learn how pricing analytics can help your business.

The automotive industry is a competitive one and every spare parts manufacturer faces a unique challenge due to the fluctuating market demands and changing product portfolios. Considering several such factors that impact growth in the manufacturing sector, we’re sure that if you are someone who operates in this industry your goal revolves around maximizing profits. Though some assume an increased sales volume is directly proportional to profits, that’s generally not the case. To drive profits one must identify different price points based on several other characteristics that impact sales. This is where advanced pricing analytics can help.

We can help you set optimal prices by analyzing the factors that impact sales, so you can make smarter decisions for your organization. Schedule a FREE Demo to know more.

According to Quantzig’s pricing analytics experts, “Identifying the right price point for your offerings is all about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and analyzing how you can be the manufacturer that offers the best deal for them in terms of product pricing versus product attributes.”

Quantzig’s Pricing Analytics Solutions Enabled the Client to:

1: Drive sales and ROI across business units

2: Achieve commercial excellence through the implementation of advanced pricing strategies

3: Improve pricing transparency

Quantzig offers powerful pricing analytics solutions that have helped leading players across industries to improve commercial excellence through better pricing strategies. Wonder how we can help your organization? Request for more information now! Request for more information.

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