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Preveon Health’s Telehealth Services Show Continued Benefit to Patients and Providers in Managing Chronic Diseases During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

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The use of telehealth for comprehensive disease management, specifically diabetes management, has been a core service at Preveon Health for the past seven years in achieving positive outcomes. The current situation highlights our program and value in managing patients with vulnerable concomitant diseases and bridging the gap in preventive clinical services, as patients face limited access to their primary care providers. Our high touch model and comprehensive disease management approach through telehealth minimizes care disruption and concern by continuing care and providing consultations and reviews on patient’s medication, nutrition, and lifestyle. We are also ensuring our patients have adequate diabetic testing supplies and addressing barriers to testing and managing their blood sugar.

Preveon Health uses a collaborative practice approach to partner with providers and make medication therapy changes as well as ordering select lab tests to manage patients to their clinical goal. Clinicians are actively reaching out to our patients to review their medication therapy regimens, blood sugar readings, hypoglycemia, dietary and activity choices, and creating care plans for continued follow-up with the patients. As a result, over the past five years our program consistently shows an average of 0.7 hemoglobin A1C reduction within the first six months of enrollment and continued reduction or sustainment of A1C.

Dennis Ho, Pharm.D., Founder and CEO of Preveon Health notes, “During these trying times, our clinicians are playing a pivotal role to fill in and provide preventive chronic disease care. We are experiencing a positive response from our patients and providing them with invaluable information and services.”

About Preveon Health

Preveon Health is a chronic care management company and consists of a collaborative team of clinical pharmacists, registered dietitians and patient care specialists. Our specialized team is focused on disease management, education, and providing the highest quality of health services to improve the lives of each patient. Our program utilizes a high-touch and patient-centric approach that coordinates care between the patient’s provider, health plan, and the Preveon Health program.