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Powerful New Codefresh Dashboard Demonstrates Evolution of GitOps Tools

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Just six months after announcing its GitOps 2.0 initiative to promote best practices and improve CD tools, Codefresh has launched its new GitOps controller and “current state” dashboard, the latest in an ongoing commitment to make code deployment easier and ship code faster.

The new GitOps controller makes it easier than ever to install and maintain an ArgoCD instance while the GitOps dashboard now has comprehensive support for ArgoCD’s App of Apps. The new current state dashboard is designed to empower developers to easily navigate the complexities of microservices, no matter their level of expertise. Visibility into essential components and most recent commits includes:

  • Ability to make quick visual assessments – even without special privileges – while remaining in compliance with security standards
  • Real-time determination of configuration drift to ensure ongoing or historical deployments are in sync
  • Ability to enforce consistency and standards while still isolating concerns, even if a different group owns the deployment

“This GitOps controller allows our users to really do GitOps at scale,” said Dan Garfield, Chief Open Source Officer. “To be able to track changes, drift, and trace everything back to tickets, comitters, and changes means identifying regressions is simple. This gives teams the confidence to deploy more often.”

DevOps automation tools centered on GitOps standards are critical to helping companies ship code faster with a much greater degree of confidence. The goal is to eliminate uncertainty and the time wasted on roadblocks and troubleshooting. The new “current state” dashboard delivers on Codefresh’s promise for observability and sets a high bar for future tools.

Codefresh customers have had a chance to take these new features for a test drive and shared the following feedback:

  • The visibility into each deployment is unparalleled.
  • The integration into our existing ArgoCD was seamless.
  • This is critical in helping our less technical folks understand their deployment environments.

Learn more about Codefresh’s new GitOps features and their benefits:

About Codefresh

Codefresh is the first cloud-native DevOps automation platform. Their mission is simple, to provide a platform and practices that enable companies to confidently ship code faster. After launch in 2017, Codefresh is trusted by companies like GoodRx, Skillshare,, TBS, and financial services companies. Unlike legacy solutions, Codefresh goes beyond simple pipelines to connect runtime environments for total observability, advanced deployments and faster engineering/recovery cycles. Codefresh is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and backed by world-class investors: M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, Red Dot Capital Partners, Shasta Ventures, Viola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Hillsven, CEIIF, UpWest Labs and Streamlined Ventures. Learn more about Codefresh at Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter at @codefresh.