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Position Imaging Expands Their Partnership with Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.

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Position Imaging, Inc. is expanding their relationship with global
technology firm Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. (HLDS) for the production
of its innovative AmoebaRTLS product line.

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“We have created the world’s most advanced RTLS solution but we needed a
world class manufacturing partner like HLDS to take our innovations and
help turn them into products. Together we are going to disrupt the
indoor location market and improve how things are moved from production
throughout last mile delivery,” said Ned Hill, CEO of Position Imaging.

This new AmoebaRTLS system provides extremely high tag tracking accuracy
in three dimensions, in real time. This new level of accuracy enables
new and improved applications for tracking inventory (including
packages), equipment, personnel, and assets. The system also provides
data on the working environment like temperature, humidity, motion;
basically, AmoebaRTLS knows more about your space than you do.

“We are excited to help build this new platform for Position Imaging. We
believe the company’s technologies are powerful and will have a big
impact on the logistics market,” said S.H., Kim, HLDS Chief Marketing

The Amoeba™ technology line of products also includes Position Imaging’s
computer vision system deployed in their Smart Package Room and iPickup
product lines. Expanding the manufacturing relationship is a natural
progression from the original partner announcement on June 22, 2018 for
the Amoeba computer vision package pickup product line.

About Position Imaging
Imaging is a technology company focused on innovations to improve the
logistics industry. The company opened its research lab in Portsmouth,
NH in 2006 and has been quietly creating the most advanced, accurate and
novel tracking technologies in the world. Its first product, Smart
Package Room, has been a huge success in the multi-unit residential
market and is now being adapted to retail to improve BOPIS and related
eCommerce fulfillment operations.

Hitachi-LG Data-Storage, Inc.
Data Storage, a global solution provider specializing in optical
technology, was founded in 2000 as a joint venture of Hitachi, Ltd. and
LG Electronics Inc. and is based on Tokyo, Japan. The company also
specializes in designing, development, manufacturing and promoting
optical solution products such as sensors (2D/3D LiDAR, laser PM1.0/2.5
dust sensor), displays (AR glasses, laser-MEMS head up display for
automobile), optical disc drive and wireless charger. For more
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