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Population Health Management Analytics Gains Ground Amid the Crisis | Data Analysts at Quantzig Explain Why

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its new article that sheds light on the role of population health management analytics in helping healthcare institutions drive continuous healthcare outcomes amid the crisis.

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The article also offers comprehensive insights into:

1. The operational capabilities for enhanced population health management

2. The benefits of applying population health management analytics to analyze population health

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The ‘COVID-19’ outbreak has severely impacted business operations across the globe, with healthcare being one among them. Healthcare systems, workflows, and patient analysis methodologies have all witnessed a major transformation due to the outbreak, shedding light on population health management and its role in tackling such outbreaks. Population health management analytics revolves around the collection and analysis of data sets from disparate sources across the healthcare ecosystem. The application of advanced healthcare analytics to the collected data sets of individual patients and larger populations can help healthcare organizations yield meaningful insights that drive healthcare outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

To tackle the challenges put forth by the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare institutions are now adopting new business models, enhancing patient care, and shifting their focus from episodic care to continuous healthcare improvements. However, considering the impact of COVID-19 and the alarming rate at which it continues to spread, tackling the situation and returning to normalcy is not an easy task. Quantzig views this transformation as a journey to continuous healthcare improvement enabled by the aggregation of data, advanced population health management analytics, and impactful workflows to effectively track and analyze the health of the global population.

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According to Quantzig’s health data analytics experts, “Stratification of the patient population also plays a pivotal role in identifying patients that are at a higher risk when compared to the others.”

Operational Capabilities for Enhanced Population Health Management:

  1. Population Monitoring and Stratification
  2. Patient Engagement
  3. Team-based Interventions
  4. Patient Outcome Analysis

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Owing to the pandemic outbreak, population health management analytics will continue to play a crucial role in healthcare decision-making. Its role in helping organizations rethink their organizational approaches will evolve further with the growth in data volumes and healthcare organizations must adopt advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to make better, smarter decisions.

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