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Pocketmath Unlocks the Next Era of Mobile User Monetization with White Label Audience Network Solution

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global ad and audience monetization programmatic technology leader,
announced today that its proprietary audience network platform is now
available for white labeling for mobile app developers, publishers, and
advertisers. The white labeled platform will provide mobile software
companies with a customized and proprietary branded platform to
monetize, target, and re-target mobile app users with special programs
and promotions, sell in-app inventory to external advertisers, and
develop promotional partnerships, while also maintaining full control
over their data and programmatic campaigns. Big brands, apps and market
networks will be able to host, target and optimize their mobile
programmatic audiences on one platform, without having to hand over any
first-party data.

“A white labeled audience network platform will open up countless
options for our current and future partners, currently looking for ways
to increase monetization. We are positioned to make lives easier for
advertisers, big and small, by handing over the keys to their own
audience network, built on the world’s largest self-serve mobile media
buying platform,” Pocketmath Head of Product Nuno Jonet explained.

Brands using the Audience Network Platform are able to custom-design and
white label a monetization ecosystem especially tailored to their unique
business objectives. By allowing clients to manage and create inventory
when setting up their own managed demand-side platform (DSP), clients
can take advantage of real-time programmatic dynamics to sell their
unused inventory within their app or mobile web interface to fellow
advertisers. This still allows clients to use third-party ad exchange
marketplaces to bolster revenues from un-filled inventory.

“By offering a chance to sell inventory within and outside of their own
managed platform, Pocketmath gives advertisers the best of both worlds,
and the ability to generate additional revenue streams,” said Pocketmath
Chief Financial Officer Joanne Joynson-Hewlett.

The engine behind Pocketmath’s offerings is Pocketmath’s proprietary
real-time bidding stack and PRO, its enhanced mobile DSP that allows all
of its users to harness massive amounts of data, from apps, games and
mobile websites, to target millions of smartphone and tablet users. PRO
uses Pocketmath’s proprietary programmatic technology to deliver
insight-driven optimization and automation alongside KPI-driven insights
and reporting.

About Pocketmath

Pocketmath is a leading mobile adtech company based in Singapore. It
represents a new breed of adtech with media buying just one part of its
business. Pocketmath’s PRO Platform solution is built on top of its
proprietary DSP technology. The company is creating new ways for super
apps, with their self-contained ecosystems of buyers, sellers, and the
data generated from their interactions, to capture revenue through
audience network solutions. Pocketmath is also innovating new
relationships between super apps and traditional agencies and brands.

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