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PMI Launches Online Hub Offering Inspiration to ‘Unsmokers’

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Philip Morris International (PMI) today launches,
a new online hub for those that want to unsmoke themselves or
their loved ones, their communities, or the world. The website aims to
provide an inspiring and engaging place to help people kick-start their
smoke-free journeys. The best way to unsmoke is to quit
cigarettes and nicotine completely. For adult smokers that don’t the
next best option is to switch to a better alternative.

A new survey conducted by Povaddo, commissioned by PMI, shows the
potential to improve personal and social relationships by quitting
cigarettes. Almost three-quarters—71 percent—of nonsmokers who are in a
relationship with a smoking partner said they have had disagreements
with their partner because he/she smokes cigarettes. The results showed
even higher levels of disagreement in Israel, Italy and Russia, with 80
percent or more stating they have argued with their partner over smoking.

Have you ever had a disagreement or argument with your partner or
spouse because he/she smokes cigarettes?



    Russia   U.K.   U.S.   Hong Kong   Israel   Italy
82% 63% 63% 67% 80% 87%
Japan Mexico Australia Brazil Denmark Germany
55% 77% 68% 72% 56% 55%
Base: former and never smokers with a partner that smokes

Smokers, however, were less likely to recognize the impact that smoking
has on their relationships with loved ones, with just, on average, 36
percent of them acknowledging that smoking has caused arguments with
their loved ones.

My smoking causes arguments with loved ones:            
Strongly/ Somewhat agree               Russia               U.K.               U.S.               Hong Kong               Israel               Italy
38% 32% 32% 42% 43% 43%
Japan Mexico Australia Brazil Denmark Germany
22% 43% 25% 62% 8% 22%
Base: current and occasional smokers.

Figures have been summed due to rounding

“This research shows the scale of the task ahead to help smokers
understand the positive impact that unsmoking could have on their
relationships,” said Jacek Olczak, Chief Operating Officer, PMI. “We
believe that this type of insight should be made known to smokers so
they can engage in a conversation and understand the benefits of getting
behind the #unsmoke movement.”

Aiming to unify communities toward a smoke-free world, PMI’s
is an online hub where adult smokers and those that care about them can
discover more about ways to unsmoke. The site shares stories of unsmoke
heroes describing their smoke-free journeys and encourages readers to
share their own stories.

Olczak continues: “Change comes from communities uniting behind a
positive conversation, which is why we have created this place for people
to come together and hear each other’s stories for inspiration. This is
an important new tool for adult smokers and those who care about them so
they can access resources to inspire them to leave cigarettes behind.”

Interactive elements engage readers to understand the facts behind
unsmoking and allows them to publicly get involved. Users can add an ‘Unsmoke
Your World’ overlay to any image they want so they can show support on
social media. They can also download and share a selection of gifs to
celebrate unsmoke successes.

Since April 2019, over 115,000 digital #unsmokeyourworld actions have
taken place across the globe—ranging from individuals supporting the
campaign on social media to engaging with digital content. PMI’s is
calling for people to take action and create a strong movement to an unsmoked
world. For more information visit,

About the Povaddo Survey
This survey was carried out 24
April-6 May, 2019, by Povaddo, a leading public opinion research firm,
on behalf of Philip Morris International. The survey fielded a total of
16,099 online interviews among general population adults 21-74 years of
age across 13 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany,
Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom and
United States). The survey carries an overall margin of error of +/- 1%
at the 95 percent confidence interval.

About #Unsmokeyourworld
PMI is transforming its business and
increasing awareness of the urgent need to become smoke-free as well as
awareness of better alternatives for smokers who would otherwise
continue to smoke. PMI is producing smoke-free products that are a
better choice for smokers than continued cigarette smoking and can
benefit public health.

#Unsmoke is a PMI initiative to speed up an historic change in public
health. Through the #unsmoke movement, we want to bring together a
community of people who can accelerate this change by becoming advocates
of the message that for smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke,
there are better alternatives to choose from.

#Unsmokeyourworld is a global conversation that inspires human
stories—for the people, by the people.

About Philip Morris International
Delivering a Smoke-Free
Future Philip Morris International (PMI) is leading a transformation in
the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future and ultimately
replace cigarettes with smoke-free products to the benefit of adults who
would otherwise continue to smoke, society, the company and its
shareholders. PMI is a leading international tobacco company engaged in
the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products and
associated electronic devices and accessories, and other
nicotine-containing products in markets outside the U.S. PMI is building
a future on a new category of smoke-free products that, while not
risk-free, are a much better choice than continuing to smoke. Through
multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art
facilities and scientific substantiation, PMI aims to ensure that its
smoke-free products meet adult consumer preferences and rigorous
regulatory requirements. For more information, please visit

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