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Plott Places Second in The Red Dot Design Ranking For 2019

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Plott, creators of the award-winning LetsPlott Platform that simplifies home improvement projects with Extended Reality (XR) solutions, successfully achieved 2nd place in The Red Dot Design Ranking: Design Concept, a recognition of the company’s cumulative success with their revolutionary, forward-thinking design concepts. Over the course of five years, Plott has produced groundbreaking products with interactive design to be used in residential, commercial and industrial spaces, compiling sufficient achievements in order to be honored with The Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Concepts.

“Creating something the world couldn’t have created before is a challenging task, but that is the challenge we set for ourselves. Throughout this journey, what has always remained true for Plott is our dedication to developing tools with an innovative, intuitive design that solves a real problem and one that consumers can benefit from using,” said David Xing, CEO and Founder of Plott. “This is something the Plott team and myself are passionate about and to have our innovations celebrated by such a notable organization reaffirms that we are continually thinking beyond the realm of traditional design.”

The distinction “Red Dot” has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for forward-thinking design. According to the Red Dot organization, such an honor is a reflection of a company’s real sustainable design innovation capability. Plott was recognized ahead of world-renowned companies, and placed three spots higher than it had in 2018’s #5 design ranking.

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About Plott

Plott creates simple, but powerful solutions for DIY projects using their award-winning Extended Reality (XR) Platform known as “LetsPlott,” which enables users to simply measure and design in the LetsPlott app. After curating the perfect space, Plott’s hardware, Cubit, is guided by a virtual layout that provides actionable, turn-by-turn directions to real world points, transforming ideas from virtual to reality.