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PiiQ Media’s New PQ-INTEL Solution Provides Actionable Insights to Reduce Corporate Risk

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PiiQ Media, the social media threat intelligence and risk analytics company, announced today the launch of PQ-INTEL, a threat intelligence tool built by analysts and focused on delivering powerful analytics without sacrificing ease of use, all on a single pane of glass. The PQ-INTEL platform brings the company full circle in providing a comprehensive suite of intelligence and risk management products that have value for every layer of the organization.

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PQ-INTEL aggregates social media information across conversations and profiles of interest to gather individual, audience, and conversation insights that have a direct effect on an organization’s reputation or business risk. PQ-INTEL provides more data sources, harnessed within a powerful visualization and analytics framework that deliver unparalleled insights from social media information, in a shorter timeframe.

PQ-INTEL provides context to social media conversations, audiences, influencers and persons of interest that can positively or negatively affect business and brand reputation as well as increase organizational risk. Highlights of the solution include:

  • The breadth of data sources ensures a more comprehensive and richer picture of social media conversations and activities, which in turn provides customers with a more accurate picture of reputation and risk. PiiQ Media has the ability to add new platforms for collection and analysis as customer requirements or the environment grows.
  • A fully interactive, single pane of glass with hundreds of combinations of data views and data correlation actions, PQ-INTEL provides analysts the flexibility and freedom to analyze and interrogate the data how they want, and in a manner that best meets their specific mission requirements.
  • The ability to look at social media audiences and their attributes as a key analysis component provides more relevance and context to conversations and persons of interest. The tool can also group persons of interest and conversations to compare and contrast activity, artifacts and relationships. If an organization cannot analyze audiences or conduct comparative analytics over time with like elements, actionable insight is not attainable.

Aaron Barr, chief technology officer, PiiQ Media, said: “The breadth of open-source data available lead analysts to spend hours chasing data ghosts down digital rabbit holes. Using our PQ-INTEL platform and a developed process of analysis of topical and location data, we have developed the shortest path to finding value from social media information. Our audience, life pattern and comparative analytics provide necessary background to the data. We offer context for the metrics that matter to an organization’s risk profile.”

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PiiQ is a social media threat intelligence and risk analytics company. Focused on delivering actionable personal and corporate intelligence and risk assessments using open-source information to stop socially engineered cybersecurity attacks, its SaaS-based platform safeguards enterprise and government organizations from employee, corporate and third-party risk. PiiQ addresses the human element of security with the most advanced threat intelligence analytics and automated risk scoring for individuals and organizations. With the only true spear phishing simulation platform on the market, PiiQ helps customers train, test and educate their workforce on information exposure risks and how to improve their security. Website: