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Phunware Enters Agreement with Endpoint IP to Monetize Mobile Patent Portfolio

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Today Phunware, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHUN), a fully-integrated enterprise cloud
platform for mobile that provides products, solutions, data and services
for brands worldwide, announced a commercial agreement with Endpoint IP,
an agency combining intellectual property transaction and law firm
expertise with capital investment to monetize intellectual property for

The agreement, which was formally executed on April 2, establishes
Endpoint IP as a global agency partner of note to license Phunware’s
portfolio of mobile technology patents to new companies, distribution
partners and third parties for use in their products and solutions. It
will also provide advisory services to the company around intellectual
property licensing and enforcement as part of the ongoing engagement.

“We’re thrilled to work with Endpoint IP to bring Phunware’s mobile
innovations and technologies to a broader worldwide audience via new
partnerships and revenue streams,” said EVP of Corporate Development
Tushar Patel. “Endpoint is recognized as a leader in intellectual
property management, with extensive experience and global connections
that will benefit our patent portfolio and we expect will be lucrative
among forward-thinking brands focused on mobile.”

Phunware’s portfolio of intellectual property currently includes 16 U.S.
issued patents and 6 pending patent applications, with its most recent
award announced last week under U.S. Patent No. 10,254,378, entitled
“Mobile Device Localization Based on Relative Received Signal Strength

“Phunware brings an impressive portfolio of innovative software and
technologies, as well as a decade-long history of future-focused mobile
application development ethos to the highly competitive mobile
landscape,” said Endpoint IP Founder and CEO Jonathan Szarzynski. “We
look forward to telling their story and connecting their patents to
partners of similar commitment to innovation across industries.”

For a full list of Phunware’s awarded and pending patents, visit

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About Endpoint IP:

Endpoint IP is a leading intellectual property advisory firm that works
with companies to deliver a return on innovation. Founded by patent
professionals, Endpoint helps buy, sell, license, enforce, develop and
commercialize IP rights. Our goal is to deliver revenue to innovators,
offering a transparent and streamlined process to companies maximizing
the benefits of IP ownership.

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