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Phunware Announces Award of Patent for Mobile Device Localization Based on Relative Received Signal Strength Indicators

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Today Phunware, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHUN), a fully integrated enterprise cloud
platform for mobile that provides companies the products, solutions,
data and services for brands worldwide, announced the award of U.S.
Patent No. 10,254,378, “Mobile Device Localization Based on Relative
Received Signal Strength Indicators.” This patent adds to the company’s
growing intellectual property portfolio, currently comprised of 16
awarded patents and 6 patents-pending.

The ability to engage mobile users based on their ever-changing,
real-time location is a foundational capability of the Location Based
Services products powered by Phunware’s Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS)
platform. Today’s mobile engagement and wayfinding solutions are largely
based on GPS, using longitude (X) and latitude (Y) axes to determine
location and position as a function of the available access to both
cellular signals and towers. To solve the far more complex problem of
generating and displaying a location or position inside a building in
real-time on a mobile device across X, Y and Z (height) axes, Phunware
has developed and deployed a proprietary method of integrating data from
virtual and physical beacons, high and low-density WiFi connections and
mobile device sensors into a comprehensive machine learning algorithm.
These varied inputs enable a holistically determined device position and
location accounting for data from each source – whether active or
inactive – with gaps filled through the company’s machine learning
algorithm. The end-result is a seamlessly displayed “blue dot”
engagement and wayfinding experience for the mobile application user
indoors akin to industry-standard GPS mapping, navigation, wayfinding
and geofence solutions outdoors.

“We’re extremely excited to have solved a complex, one-to-one engagement
problem for sub-one-second indoor interactions and position updates on
mobile for our MaaS customers and their consumers,” said Phunware’s
co-founder and CTO, Luan Dang. “Our team already has a decade of
commitment and excellence in delivering best-in-class location results
on mobile and we intend to continue pushing this envelope to ensure that
our machine learning algorithms and capabilities continue to set the
industry standard worldwide.”

Founded in 2009, Phunware sought to develop an enterprise cloud platform
for mobile that enabled the efficient and cost-effective creation,
management and evolution of branded applications across multiple
platforms to deliver experiences that delighted, engaged, retained, and
monetized the largest audiences and communities of mobile users for the
world’s most recognizable brands. This core vision established a future
in which mobile applications were an increasingly important component of
the relationship between brands and consumers and has since come to
fruition in spades. For the past decade, the company has delivered
robust mobile solutions for Fortune 1000 brands, setting
high-water-marks for mobile lifecycle development and management at
scale across verticals including healthcare, retail, residential,
corporate campuses, hospitality, media and entertainment, aviation,
advocacy and more.

Phunware will continue to expand the capabilities of its MaaS platform
rolling forward with the addition of its PhunCoin ecosystem, a
blockchain-enabled data exchange and mobile-first loyalty ecosystem
connecting brands and consumers without untrustworthy intermediaries.

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