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Phrasee Launches Dashboard to Give Marketers Real-Time Revenue Review of Global Email Campaigns

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Phrasee, the global leader in marketing language optimization, has today
launched a new dashboard to give marketers real-time insights into how
global email campaigns are performing.

Phrasee, which provides AI technology to supercharge marketing campaigns
for leading global brands including Domino’s, Groupon, Gumtree and
Virgin Atlantic, has developed the new dashboard to give users a
real-time view of marketing campaign performance. The dashboard displays
key insights including real-time uplift and revenue forecasting, as well
as identifying where incorrect testing methodology is being used.

The new dashboard is the latest product update from Phrasee, which
brings experience of optimizing billions of customer interactions for
leading global brands. More than 300 million individuals worldwide have
now received an email with a Phrasee subject line. Additional releases,
including exportable performance reporting, inbox notifications on
project performance and subject lines for trigger and lifecycle
campaigns, will follow later over the next few months.

“Too many businesses are unaware of the hidden cost of bad email subject
lines. The right subject line has the power to drive incremental uplift
in open rates, which can often lead to millions in additional revenue
over a financial year – we know this, because this is how Phrasee has
helped deliver more revenue for our current enterprise customers,” said
Parry Malm, CEO and co-founder, Phrasee.

“We created these new features to provide both CMOs and heads of CRM
with more insight into how language testing within their email marketing
campaigns can lead to a massive increase in their revenue. We’re
committed to continuous innovation to empower CMOs and marketing teams
at the world’s most progressive brands.”

“We’re really excited about Phrasee’s new product development,” said
Liam Savage, CRM Executive at Virgin Holidays. “We continue to see
Phrasee drive further improvements in ROI through our campaigns and
being able to access key information on performance and revenue in one
central place will empower us to build more accurate forecasts for our
email channel. It’s really important for us to be able to keep a close
eye on performance in real-time, and Phrasee will not only save us time
but really impact our bottom line in a positive way. This really is
trailblazing technology for trailblazing marketers.”


About Phrasee

Phrasee is world-leading AI that generates and optimizes marketing
language at scale, delivering improved results for email subject lines
and push notifications. Founded in 2015, Phrasee is the go-to solution
for ambitious, innovative and analytical marketers. Today, its team of
data scientists, computational linguists and developers drive increased
ROI for enterprise brands across the globe, including Virgin Holidays,
Domino’s, and Gumtree.